Adjusting to life in Mountain View CA: A comprehensive guide for new residents

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Congratulations on landing in one of the best places for living and working in California. Adjusting to life in Mountain View can be much more interesting if you know what to focus on. But apart from that, blending in the right way doesn’t have to be so hard and time-wasting. With the help of affordable movers San Francisco you will have all the time in the world to get to know the important locations and of course, your new community. But to help you even more, let us present you with a comprehensive guide you can rely on upon!

Getting to know Mountain View

You already know by its name that Mountain View has to be beautiful. The city is home to 82,376 people and it has countless traits that are making it ideal for living and working. You will hear from a lot of residents that this city is a perfect mix of nature and urban which is absolutely correct. In one day you could be walking in the park and having a picnic in the forest, and then later go and have a meeting on one of the skyscrapers in the city. The dynamic of Mountain View has been attracting a lot of people recently, and the population seems to be very diverse.

bike on the road as adjusting to life in Mountain View includes outdoor activities
Some notable parks in Mountain View are perfect for spending afternoons or going for morning walks

When it comes to outdoors, a place you should visit as soon as possible is Stevens Creek Trail. It is perfect for taking a morning walk or spending time with your family enjoying the fresh air. When the weather is nice you will see a lot of residents riding bikes or even doing yoga there.

Adjusting to life in Mountain View begins with getting to know the events

Way before you make a deal with moving companies Mountain View, you will need to find out what to expect after your relocation. The perfect adjustment begins once you decide to dive deeper into the events and traditions of the place you will be moving to. As a result, once you arrive you will feel much closer to a new city and everything it has to offer. When it comes to Mountain View, this city is home to a couple of notable events and festivals that you shouldn’t miss.

One of the most popular ones surely is the Bay Area Craft Beer Festival. It will attract not only people from this city but other places as well. In total, it lasts for three days and it begins every year in April. Attending this festival will not only help you relax after your relocation but make some new friendships as well. Other events worth mentioning include:

  • The Shoreline Festival
  • Super Saturday Star Wars Edition
  • East Bay Wine & Whimsy Market
  • CBCA Clayton Art & Wine Festival

Navigating the traffic and parking

Those who will move to Mountain View and have their vehicle with them must think about traffic and parking in the city. If you never had a chance to visit before, it can be tricky to navigate those first couple of months. Residential movers San Francisco will successfully transport your items to a new address so you should use the time they provide to pinpoint some important routes. The traffic in Mountain View can get messy during the working days especially early in the morning and in the afternoon. But the good news is that city has a lot of shortcuts you can rely upon and avoid jammed traffic when necessary.

intersection on the city
Adjusting to life in Mountain View, of course, includes getting to know its streets and fastest routes

Throughout the years, Mountain View had some issues when it comes to free parking, and residents were constantly looking for ways to settle it. Downtown Parking Structure is a large area where you can park your car for free. Of course, you will need to catch a free parking spot on time as this is also one of the most popular free parking in the city. It will take some time to get used to finding parking and navigating the city but don’t worry. Before you know it you will know every single corner of this city.

Adjusting to life in Mountain View and its neighborhoods

As you already know by now, Mountain View is not small and it has multiple neighborhoods. Of course, you can’t move to any of them as the perfect neighborhood has to be suitable for your lifestyle and needs. Mountain View is home to excellent neighborhoods that rank pretty high when it comes to lifestyle and safety. Depending on the type of your relocation and who you will be moving with you may need a specific neighborhood. Shoreline West could be perfect for your family as it has lovely homes and a really low crime rate. This neighborhood will also be excellent if you are removing kids as they will need to start making friends with people close to their age.

However, if you are a young professional and are looking for a more dynamic part of the city, Waverly Park is an excellent candidate. Actually, this neighborhood is often referred to as one of the most popular ones in the city. Waverly Park is home to many young people who work or study in the area. With the right moving services San Francisco you can be there just in time to introduce yourself to new neighbors and get to know the area.

two people walking at the fair
There are many festivals in fairs in Mountain View that you should check out

Other things to know

To sum it up, adjusting to life in Mountain View can be a wonderful experience. Being in a different city and surrounded by different people can have countless benefits for you. Take as much time as you need to get to know the place and its hidden gems as it surely has many. The best method is to rely on your new community until you start feeling like a true resident of Mountain View. Considering they have been there longer than you, they can direct you to all important locations, events, and traditions.