Best Places In San Mateo County For Families With Teenagers

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Those who choose San Mateo County as their new home are in for the ride! This area is not only one of the most suitable places for living in California, but it also seems to be getting closer to the young generations. The population of 737,888 people is pretty diverse, as those who get tired of living in huge cities, sometimes turn right to this place. This county has 20 cities and towns so looking for a perfect place to settle shouldn’t be a huge issue. That is, of course, once you know exactly what kind of place you need. Let’s dive in into naming the best places in San Mateo County for families with teenagers!

San Carlos may be the perfect choice

Moving with teenagers is something that should be done side by side with a good plan. In their years, teenagers can be too sensitive to any kind of change, especially when it comes to their habits. Moving companies San Francisco Bay Area will be a huge support in this process, as they will deal with your items and the transportation itself. Once you are freed from that, you can discuss San Carlos with them. They will appreciate the effort to include them in the entire planning thing, so stick to that as much as possible.

two girls celebrating graduation representing how best places in San Mateo County for families with teenagers have good education system
These cities have great elementary and high schools so don’t worry about their education

San Carlos is home to around 30,034 people. The entire city is a perfect mixture of urban and modest and that is what can help your kids blend in much faster. It is also filled with an interesting history as it is home to the Filoli Historic House and Garden, as well as San Mateo County Museum.

Before you set the date with movers San Carlos, check out the schools in the area. There are 27 schools in total in San Carlos and exactly 6 middle schools and 2 high schools. Each one of them has excellent reviews, which matters a lot. Good schools program in San Carlos can help your kids transition better and continue their education the right way.

Burlingame is one of the best places in San Mateo County for families with teenagers too

Those who think that living in the big city may have a bad influence on their kids and their mental and physical health should consider Burlingame. This city has almost the same number of residents as San Carlos, but a much nicer scenery. Its nickname is the City of Trees and it was settled in the first place, just because of its suitable climate. Moving companies Burlingame operate in the area, and the sooner you set the date, the sooner you will be there.

Burlingame is famous for having many attractions aimed at young people. The most notable ones include:

  • Thriller Social Club
  • Hero Hangout
  • K1 Speed
  • Bel Mateo Bowl

Professional movers San Mateo County can even help you get there on time for San Mateo County Fair. The entire area will be full of families and young people having fun at rides. The fair itself is not expensive at all, and it lasts seven days. This event will show you that the community of Burlingame is lovely to new residents, and loves to share its tradition. 

Friends playing games
San Mateo County Fair has countless of rides and attractions your kids will love

Finally, there is Foster City

Those who want to provide their kids with a safe but urban childhood should consider moving to Foster City. According to many newcomers, it is one of the best places in San Mateo County for families with children, and for good reasons. In Foster City, there are countless urban restaurants, public swimming pools, and above all, great schools. It is home to around 32,517 people, and the majority of them are young families and young professionals. Youth and Teen Foundation of the city works hard to provide the best programs to students on a daily basis.

The first couple of months after your relocation, let your kids explore the city and locations that go hand-in-hand with their needs. They will need to get to know people of their age, and you should give them that chance right from the start.  After a while, they will get to the bottom of amazing places young residents of the city love. They include:

  • Windsurfing Club
  • Hillsdale Shopping Center
  • Coyote Point Recreation Area
  • Hillbarn Theatre
  • Red Door Escape Room

Foster City is also famous for organizing multiple concerts in the summer. Even though the city focuses on promoting young artists from the city, some huge celebrities can often be included as well. So as the summer gets closer, give them a chance to enjoy some good live music with their new friends.

Other things to know before moving to San Mateo County with teenagers

Depending on where you currently live, you will need to have a nice and long conversation with your kids about this relocation. They will miss their old friends and their school, but the solution won’t be so hard to find. All you can do is rely on San Mateo County’s traits and work them for your own benefit. Let your children blend in the way the thing is suitable, while you supervise the entire process. The more they are willing to participate in choosing a place, the better the outcome will be. 

two girls sitting by the water
Best places in San Mateo County for families with teenagers should have plenty of attractions for them to enjoy

The best places in San Mateo County for families with teenagers all have one thing in common. The crime rate in these places is below the average which is extremely important. Those who used to live in huge cities with higher crime rates will appreciate the subtle pace of the entire San Mateo County. As soon as you put your finger on a particular city, you can even pay it a shot visit with your kids. You can use this chance to check out their future school, eat a nice meal and check out your new home.