Discovering the benefits of living in Santa Clara

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For many people, California represents a promised land of many opportunities. It has always been considered a fortunate place where dreams of wealth come true. Ironically, today you need wealth to be able to live there due to its high costs of living. However, all its charms are still alluring and attracting newcomers from all over the world. One of the best places in California is Santa Clara, and we’ll explain the reasons behind such claims. The benefits of living in Santa Clara are numerous, but for most, the hot Californian sun and miles of nearby beaches are enough reasons. If you’re in need of reliable movers and quality services look no further than Zapt Movers. Whether you require local or long-distance relocation, we’ll complete it efficiently and on time. But before that, let us introduce you to Santa Clara’s best features.

Great job opportunities in the high-tech industry

The top reason for moving to Santa Clara these days is the myriad of job opportunities. The whole region has become a huge job market thanks to the high-tech industry. This has a lot to do with some of the large corporations like Intel and Nvidia being located in Santa Clara. These technology magnates are also the largest employers, with Santa Clara County providing more than a quarter of all jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Precisely that is the reason for young professionals and IT experts flocking to Santa Clara.

Possibilities for training and career advancement are numerous, and salaries are satisfactory. The average annual salary in Santa Clara is $98, 339, while software engineers earn $131, 043 per year. There is a constant demand for high-tech experts, analysts, scientists, etc. Therefore hire movers Santa Clara that can relocate your belongings as soon as you find a job that suits you, and relocate to this great place.

coworkers working on laptop
Many job opportunities in large and successful corporations attract young people to Santa Clara.

San Jose international airport

Among the benefits of living in Santa Clara, is certainly its proximity to San Jose international airport. All travelers would find this perk very useful, especially those who travel a lot due to their work. The distance between Santa Clara and the SJC is only 2 miles. The chances to be late for a flight are nonexistent since you can reach it on foot. It’s not as big as San Francisco international airport but still has around 170 departures per day, both international and domestic. Therefore it’s the second-busiest airport in this region, considering the number of passengers. 

High quality of life

Although is accompanied by very high costs of living, a high standard of living is also something you can bet on. Santa Clara is a relatively safe place to live and raise a family. Numbers show a 13% higher crime rate than the national average and that Santa Clara is safer than 40% of cities in the country. However, violent crime rates dropped 60% below the national average.

The other spheres of life like transportation, infrastructure, public services, and safety, are excellent. Residents are mostly satisfied and seem to be happy. According to a report from 2018, Santa Clara ranked as a leading happy place in California. And the life expectancy of its residents is 7th in the country. Mostly because its all-year-round nice weather allows its residents to be physically active. A combination of all these factors, plus decent schools, and vast job opportunities make it a desirable place to live. If this appeals to you, maybe it’s time to contact local movers San Francisco and discuss the details of your move.

parents teaching their daughter to ride a bicycle
The high living standard is one of the benefits of living in Santa Clara.

Entertainment in Santa Clara

We don’t even have to go into detail about this topic, since we’re talking about California. There’s always something fun to do, whether you’re into beaches or shopping, or perhaps into clubs and bars. The same goes for Santa Clara. After packing services San Francisco provides help you with packing and relocation, you won’t lack fun for sure. Like the rest of Cali, Santa Clara is very diverse when it comes to art and culture, music, food scene, etc. The only problem you’ll have will be to decide which local sights to visit next. History lovers and believers could visit Mission Santa Clara, one of the 21 churches along the Royal Road. Those who prefer science shouldn’t miss the Intel Museum. Central Park and Central Library are also worth visiting and many breweries, wineries, restaurants, you name it! And we still haven’t scratched the surface. 


We have already mentioned that residents of Santa Clara practice an active lifestyle. They are also huge sports fans loyal to their local football team the San Francisco 49ers. Lewi’s Stadium which is located in the northern part of Santa Clara is the home of these 5-time champions. Apart from professional, and college sports teams are very popular. Santa Clara Broncos are athletic teams under the patronage of Santa Clara University. 

California’s Great America

There is no fun without amusement parks, and Santa Clara has one that’s on par with Disneyland. It has beyond 60 thrilling rides, a South Bay Shores waterpark, and rollercoasters for daring visitors. When you get tired of all the fun, go grab a meal or hunt for souvenirs. Yes, California’s Great America has it all and offers seasonal passes, the group passes, military discounts, etc. If you plan your visit ahead, you might even get to attend one of many fun events and celebrations, like the PEANUTS Celebration. Take your kids to this upcoming event to hang with Snoopy and other cartoon characters. Smiles and fun are guaranteed all year round.

roller coaster ride as one of the benefits of living in Santa Clara
Great America Park is very popular and visited, and annually has about 25 million visitors.

Climate and weather

The last of many benefits of living in Santa Clara is its weather. With more than 250 sunny days a year, and temperatures swirling between 43°F to 80°F, Santa Clara has a mild climate. Summers are long and arid, while most of the rain falls during winter months. Winter temperatures are pleasant, rarely dropping below 38 °F. These weather conditions are perfect for sports activities all year round. Whether you’re into outdoor activities or simply prefer milder winters, Santa Clara will suit you well.