Exploring Affluent Towns in San Mateo County

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When it comes to affluence and quality of life, few regions can compete with San Mateo County in California. Situated in the high-tech mecca of Silicon Valley, the county is a hub of wealth, education, and opportunity. If you’re considering a move to this area, the help of Zapt Movers CA can assist in making your transition smooth. How do we define affluence in this context? It is too simple to just talk about income. We’ll help you explore the most affluent towns in San Mateo County, diving into metrics that will give you a good idea of what makes these towns stand out from other parts of the area and even the state.

The main factors looking at affluent towns in San Mateo County

When you look at San Mateo County, it’s necessary to take a look at a diverse set of details. One of the first things to come to mind will be the income of the people living in the town. A close second will usually be the cost of housing in the area. These are the top things to check out before calling moving companies San Mateo County residents recommend. However, there are also standards that make a town affluent. Some of them include the level of education and the overall community feel and culture of the area. So, what are the towns in the area that check all the boxes? Here are some of the places that stand out to us when it comes to affluence, including:

  • Atherton
  • Foster City
  • Redwood City
  • Hillsborough
  • Woodside
  • Menlo Parl
  • Portola Valley
A bunch of 20 dollar bills out of a wallet
San Mateo is rich in more than just finances


Atherton is considered one of the wealthiest communities in the country. To become part of its population, which is around 7,200, you need to have a good salary. Above all, the average household income is a whopping $250,000. If you have a high level of education, calling movers Atherton dwellers endorse to help you move there can be the right step. Over 84% of residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, contributing to its intellectual capital.

Additionally, the demographic is balanced between families and senior citizens, with the average age being 48 years old. The average commute time is just 23 minutes, which is 5 minutes shorter than the national average. That means you will have more time to do what you want with your money. However, it’s also important to mention that the average home price is $7,500,000, which is not for everyone’s budget.

Foster City

Founded in 1971, Foster City has earned its reputation as one of the safest cities not only in San Mateo County but also nationwide. This town has experienced steady growth, now boasting a population of 33,000 residents. Do you need more to call movers Foster City residents rely on and move to the area? One of the town’s main attractions is its array of recreational parks, including Sea Cloud Park and Leo J. Ryan Park, which contribute to its family-friendly atmosphere. Economically, the community is prosperous, with a median household income of $173,000. The real estate landscape reflects this prosperity, showcasing a median house price of $1,650,000. Combining economic stability with a high quality of life, Foster City stands out as a wonderful place to lay down roots.

Redwood City

Redwood City, a well-off community in San Mateo County, is home to around 84,000 residents. The city has a strong median income of $82,000, paired with an upscale median home price of $1,600,000, creating an idyllic backdrop for families seeking affluence and stability. But it’s not just about the finances. Besides that, hiring moving companies Redwood City has to offer is a good idea for other reasons besides economical ones. The city has a rich historical heritage and offers a range of leisure activities, from natural preserves to cultural spots. The culinary scene is equally inviting, featuring a multitude of quality restaurants. These attributes collectively make Redwood City a place with a diverse and vibrant culture, going beyond just a prosperous zip code.

A big home
Redwood City is one of the most affluent towns in San Mateo County


Hillsborough stands as a pinnacle of wealth and exclusivity in San Mateo County, distinguished by its grand mansions and breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay. Unique zoning laws prohibit commercial businesses, preserving a tranquil, residential environment. The town has a relatively small but affluent population of around 11,000 residents and boasts a staggering average income of $250,000. The median home price is equally impressive at around $5,500,000. With a highly educated populace and a balanced mix of families and senior citizens, Hillsborough offers an unparalleled quality of life, making it a highly desirable destination for prosperous families.


Despite having a slightly lower rate of higher educational attainment compared to other affluent towns in the area, Woodside stands strong as a prosperous community. With an annual median income of $200,000, its residents enjoy a level of affluence that is complemented by the town’s unique rural charm. One thing that is very rare in the area of Silicon Valley. Do you plan on buying real estate in Woodside? Then, know that the median home price is around $3,500,000. This town is surely for those with deeper pockets.

Menlo Park

Rooted deeply in the history of Silicon Valley and serving as the present-day headquarters for Facebook, Menlo Park embodies a blend of past achievements and future possibilities. The city has a substantial median income of $115,000. On top of that, it thrives as a community of educated individuals, with over 72% of whom hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. This academic prowess makes it a magnet for well-educated professionals. Additionally, the city’s demographic profile leans toward younger families, evidenced by a relatively lower percentage of seniors residing in the area. When it comes to buying a home, you can expect the average home price to be around $2,750,000.

A modern home with a yard
Menlo Park is one of the towns that stand out in the Silicon Valley

Portola Valley

Portola Valley holds a very high position on the list of America’s wealthiest communities. When evaluated based on per capita income, it boasts an impressive average of $182,000. Not to be outdone, the town’s housing market is equally robust, featuring a median sales price of a staggering $3.8 million. With nearly 81% of its residents possessing higher education credentials, Portola Valley serves as a nexus for both material wealth and intellectual capacity. This combination makes it an extraordinarily appealing place for the affluent and educated to reside.

Enjoy the rich and fabulous parts of San Mateo County

In sum, the affluent towns in San Mateo County offer a compelling blend of financial prosperity, educational accomplishment, and quality of life. Factors such as median household income, educational qualifications, and home values are among the various indicators that make these towns the model of affluence in the region. Whether you’re a young professional, a family looking to settle, or a retiree seeking peace and luxury, San Mateo County has something to offer. Move to some of the places on our list and take your first step toward a life of prosperity and fulfillment.