How to pack large furniture for your San Francisco move?

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Packing your furniture in a proper way is making your relocation pass by smoothly and easier. That is why when you are about to relocate and you have to pack large furniture for your San Francisco move, you should do it with a lot of patience and effort. Not doing it properly you are taking a risk of damaging your furniture and that risk is increasing every moment while your furniture is being transported. If you are about to relocate and you need to pack your large furniture, check out this simple guide and be ready for obstacles and disruptions that might happen. The best movers San Francisco has will help you with that.

List of moving supplies you will need to pack large furniture for your San Francisco move

To get everything ready for the relocation, you must pack it first. And in order to get all the moving supplies, you will need to pack your furniture, we have created a list of them. You can also write it on a piece of paper and place it somewhere visible. If you do not manage to get all the moving supplies at once, at least you will have a list to always have a look at what needs to be taken.

You will need:

  1. Moving blankets,
  2. Pieces of cardboard and a utility knife,
  3. Materials for wrapping,
  4. Packing tape.
living room ready for you to pack large furniture for your San Francisco move
Gather all the packing and moving supplies you need

If you are not sure where to get all of these, you can always check with the furniture movers San Francisco has and ask them for information, or inform them that you are in need of these moving supplies. So that they will know if there is anything they need to bring extra when relocating you.

Steps to packing large furniture

Start with taking measurements of your furniture and the walls. Also, check the measurements f your doorways and find out whether the furniture can pass through them. If there is a chance to relocate a piece of furniture without disabling it, you should definitely do it. And make sure you take measurements for every piece of furniture. If you forget to do it, you will be spending a lot of time and be nervous when taking everything back and forth a couple of times.

If you hire movers for this task, you should know that a lot of them are paid by the hour. You will have movers that will pack you and relocate you slower than they could, because of the bad measurements. To avoid this from happening, you can always ask for moving quotes San Francisco and see how much will your packing and relocation cost. 

Disassemble the furniture

If you have some furniture that is able to be disassembled, you should definitely try to do it. It will keep you from damaging the walls and the doorway. If you set apart a piece of furniture, make sure that you do not forget all the pieces. Use some plastic zip-top bags and place the parts of the future inside. You can even label the bag so that it will be easier for you to unpack after the relocation and get the piece of furniture in one piece again. Plus, you will not lose it while being relocated by movers Redwood City has.

The next step is to pack pillows and cushions when you pack large furniture for your San Francisco move

This is an important step because most people forget about protecting these items during the move. And in the end, they are damaged and scratched, not to mention very dirty. That is why wrapping these items will save you from trouble. If you do not feel like packing and you want to sit and relax, you can pack those while watching TV. It will not take a lot of your time, but it will help you during and after the relocation.

pillows on the bed
do not forget to wrap a pillow when you pack large furniture for your San Francisco move

If you are packing closets, make sure you secure drawers

Make sure that the cabinet door and drawers cannot be opened easily during transportation. You can even remove it and pack some of your items in it, in order to have eco-friendly packing. However, if you do not want to pack anything in the drawers, make sure they are taped and sealed so that they do not drop during the ride.

Wrap and pack large furniture for your San Francisco move

Do not forget to warp large furniture with clean moving blankets, so that you can protect it from damage. Before you wrap a piece of furniture, make sure that the moving blanket is dust-free and give them a good shake before covering the furniture. After you have covered the furniture, secure the blanket with stretch wrap or packing tape.

San Francisco will be a perfect place for you

Moving to the city and county of San Francisco and packing your furniture for it can be exhausting and really hard. But once you know what is waiting for you out there, you will be eager to move as soon as possible. San Francisco has a lot of job opportunities, great schools, fine educational systems, and what is most important, nice people. Residents of San Francisco are one of the most polite and charming residents you will ever come across. That is why moving here will be a great chance to start a fresh, new life, with some of the best people around you.

white closet
Secure the drawers when packing

Packing and preparing for a move does not have to be hard and scary at all. Once you have great help, some fine guidelines, and a positive attitude, you will ack large furniture for your San Francisco move with no trouble at all. So, have patience, and repeat some tasks a few times if it is necessary. It is better to spend more time preparing and packing everything than to deal with some damages that might occur if you are not careful enough.