How to rate San Francisco movers after a pleasant moving experience?

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Moving is a stressful undertaking. Whether it’s local or long-distance, there is always a lot to consider. Sometimes, just making the decision to go through with it can be a challenge. So many things come to mind and sometimes it’s difficult to just up and leave. We tend to be fond of places where we spent a long time and developed dear memories. This is why, when it comes to moving, we want to keep it as hassle-free as possible. With so much to think about, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Many movers San Francisco bay area has available offer foolproof service, but this is not always the case. It is just for this reason that it’s important to know how to reward those who get the job done properly. With so many people looking up moving services online, leaving a detailed, honest review is a decent thing to do. After all, you’ve probably found your moving partner by researching reviews and other peoples’ experiences, right? Let’s have a look at how to rate San Francisco movers after a pleasant moving experience properly.

Points to consider when you want to rate San Francisco movers after a pleasant moving experience

If you’ve had little experience moving, it’s easy to make the wrong assessment. Let’s say you want to research moving companies San Mateo has on stand-by. What do you even look out for and what should your expectations be? After all, what do you have to compare it to? Here’s a small checklist of what you should be looking out for when gauging the quality of service you should receive and what you should talk about in your review:

  • Punctuality
  • Handling and transport
  • Swiftness
  • Price
  • Customer service and communication

When reading reviews, try to make sure you’ve found at least a couple of positive ones that talk about the points above. Keep this in mind when writing your own. It’s a good idea to write at least a sentence about each of these points when leaving a detailed review. Let others know how you felt about each of these points and if you’ve got any tips to improve these aspects.

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When you rate San Francisco movers after a pleasant moving experience, mention how they handled time management and deadlines.


It’s important for everything to go according to a timetable. In order to keep everything in check, there needs to be a schedule to follow. When it comes to being unprofessional, being late or missing deadlines is a dead giveaway. However, you should make sure to mention and praise good punctuality. Was the moving team at the location on time? Did they finish packing and loading your property within their estimated time window? If your answer was positive in all cases, make sure other people know that the company is serious about their time and respects yours.

Handling and transport

When it comes to packing services San Francisco has everything for your needs.  It would be such a shame to end up making the wrong choice. When striking a deal with a moving company, you will be offered and provided with a team of professional packers and drivers. This takes a load off your mind since packing can be very difficult to do properly. This is the case especially when it comes to fragile pieces of furniture or precious heirlooms. Then comes the transport and you’ve got another huge concern to stress about. While some decide to take the risk of packing, loading, and transporting by themselves, it’s not advisable. Many things can go wrong out of the blue. It doesn’t need to be that complicated, though. Let the professionals take care of it, and if they do – let everyone know how well they handled it. Make sure you’ve written at least a few words about the handling and relocating of your property. This is one of the most important aspects for many.

Woman checking cargo with a driver.
To properly rate San Francisco movers after a pleasant moving experience, make sure to say a word or two about your cooperation with the moving team.


As much as we want to do everything properly, we all value our time. For this reason, swiftness is very welcome. Getting your things to your new residence or office space within a short time frame is priceless. If the moving company you employed for the job gets it done well and wastes no time doing it, you should hand out a word or two of praise. While speed is not the most important factor in your decision-making process, it’s definitely a welcome bonus. A good tip for moving your stuff quickly is to look for local movers. For example, if moving to Redwood, search for moving companies Redwood City has to offer.


Similar to what we talked about when it comes to how quickly the job is done, sometimes the price is a secondary factor. If you’ve moved precious and fragile things, you will most likely be more concerned with safety than price. Perhaps you’d even be willing to part with additional finances to feel more secure about your chosen moving company. For some, however, this is a deal-breaker. Whatever the case, you may be relieved to know that when it comes to moving costs San Francisco isn’t a money pit. With the internet at our disposal, it’s quick and easy to get an estimate of expenses you will incur. If the free quote you received was satisfactory and the moving process went through without additional costs, make sure you’ve covered that in your review. Remember that, for many, the cost of services is the deciding factor.

Man calculating costs of moving.
Make sure to mention how the quoting process went when you rate San Francisco movers after a pleasant moving experience.

Customer service

Everyone likes a bit of pleasantness. A friendly greeting and a “how you doing today?” can make a world of difference in starting a phone call. If you’re satisfied with how your inquiries have been handled and truly felt valued and taken care of – do not hold back a word. With the modern world being in such a hurry, having your needs taken care of and being treated as a person throughout is priceless!

Where to leave the review?

Once you feel like you’ve soaked in the entire experience and are ready to talk about it, it’s time to post. It’s generally a good idea to post to the website of the company you chose. This is where most people will be looking for reviews. There are also independent sites that offer reviews of moving companies.

If you feel that the company you chose provided satisfactory service, leave a good review following the tips provided. Hopefully, you will be able to help someone out by giving them an honest insight into your moving experience.