Moving from Menlo Park to South San Francisco explained

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When it comes to moving, the best way is to hire movers for the job. Especially if you are moving long distances. That is a fact! They are experts in what they are doing. Moving from Menlo Park to South San Francisco can be stress-free with them. Movers San Francisco bay area can help you in this task. You can use additional services that movers provide like packing, long-distance moving, junk removal, and renting storage units. You need to make a budget for moving and plan everything well. South San Francisco is becoming more and more popular among young people because it offers great job opportunities and it is a great place for living full of parks where people can rest and kids to play.

Why are people coming to South San Francisco?

Nowadays we have a lot of problems around the world that lead to different changes. We can see how climate change, tensions between counties, and oil and gas prices affect the world. That is why people are looking for a place that is cheaper and better for their families. South San Francisco housing is 74.3% less expensive than Menlo Park for example. This is a huge advantage. That is why we see a lot of people coming from Menlo Park to South San Francisco. Another thing is better connections with the rest of San Francisco and nearby cities. More buses, more trains, and the airport is much closer. Movers South San Francisco is there for everything you need when you want to relocate.

San Francisco street
South San Francisco has beautiful streets

Housing, Utilities & Transportation

We have already mentioned that Menlo Park’s housing expenses are 356% higher than the national average. This is from the point of view of the average American too much! Utility prices are 9% higher than the average in the US. We can see that prices in the world are going up. Electricity is also going up. Water is, unfortunately, becoming less available in many parts of the world. This is because of climate change. You can’t do much about the prices, but you can choose a cheaper place for a living so you can pay all these expenses.

For South San Francisco everything is much cheaper. The average monthly utility bill per household is $194.41, under the national average of $240 for basic utilities, including gas, water, and electricity. This is also a big yes when you decide to move to this beautiful part of San Francisco. Costs of transportation are cheaper because South San Francisco has the best connections with the rest of San Francisco and surrounding cities. Moving companies San Mateo County are also professionals that can transfer you quickly to South San Francisco.

How to choose a mover when moving from Menlo Park to South San Francisco

This is an urban area. Moving to urban areas can be a little tricky because you have to be fast. Trucks that are standing in front of the building and blocking traffic can be a problem. Police can come and write a parking ticket. That is why you need professionals that are fast and effective. A lot of people try it on their own, but sometimes they regret it.

Man fixing electrical wires
Utilities are cheaper in South San Francisco than in Menlo Park

If you want to hire movers, there are some things you need to know. You want to avoid rogue movers at all costs. They are going to take money from your pocket more than the others. That is why you need to request a moving quote. After you get a moving quote from the mover, you need to compare them with other quotes. All necessary information about quotes you can find from movers Menlo Park.

This is how to avoid rogue movers:

  • A company that is not properly licensed
  • They are not insured
  • They don’t offer valuation coverage
  • Non-binding estimates are the only estimates they offer
  • Moving reviews are bad
  • They are unprofessional
  • They demand to be paid upfront

What people say about San Francisco and moving costs

People say that life in South San Francisco has its perks when it comes to raising a family. The place is full of parks that are stunning and people love spending time there. After work when you want green areas with trees, you can come here and spend time. People also describe this place as a place where neighbors are helpful, where streets are clean and where your kids can tend to first-class schools.

Moving can cost a lot of money sometimes. It depends on a lot of factors:

  • Base moving fee: The moving quotes contain only fees for gas and labor. The final price may vary. If you have a lot of stuff, the price is going up. Time is also a factor here. You should think about removing your “junk” before you hire movers. Moving costs San Francisco can be calculated better if you know what are you bringing with you.
  • Moving insurance: Your moving company will provide valuation coverage. This is a liability they agree to take if your stuff gets damaged or lost. If you want additional protection you can ask insurance companies what are the best options for you.

    American dolar
    Plan everything so you don’t pay more than you have to
  • Optional charges: If you want to use some additional service like packing, it will cost you more. There are ways you can save on packing supplies. You can find them free if you search on time and know what you need from packing supplies. Or you can use moving boxes San Francisco and get them for a fair price.

Moving from Menlo Park to South San Francisco can be the right thing for you. This place has a lot to offer, and it will be easy to move with the right movers. Movers will do everything quicker. You can save money if you try to find free packing supplies and remove things that you don’t use anymore before you call movers. You should always request a moving quote from movers because you can compare them with others and find if there is a rogue mover among them. Moving quotes will also tell you how much everything is going to cost you.