Moving to San Francisco with kids 101

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Moving in itself is something that truly takes a lot of time and usually causes quite a bit of stress. Moving to San Francisco with kids even more so. Let us at Zapt Movers help you keep your family life calm and serene during your move to San Francisco. You won’t have to worry your family too much or cause a huge commotion in the house. You should just enjoy the process and enjoy your new San Francisco life!

A picture of the San Francisco bridge

San Francisco is a treasure trove of many different things. From all the interesting cuisine to a bunch of fun activities, it is quite the hotspot. At first glance, it can seem like it isn’t quite family-friendly. But it will offer your kids quite the upbringing in a modern environment.

Our long distance California moving services are here to aid your move and help make it as quick and effortless as possible!

Start well in advance

Moving will always take more time than you think it will. Especially when moving with kids, as children aren’t still well versed in handling change and chaos in the home. Our first tip is to start a lot earlier than you planned. It is generally advised to start a few weeks earlier than you planned during any move, but for moving with kids, we’d suggest at least 3 weeks earlier than planned.

Tell your kids as soon as possible about the move

We all like to shelter our children and bring them peace and a calm environment. Unfortunately, this isn’t really all that possible when a chaotic move is on the way. Our suggestion is to tell your kids immediately once you find out you’ll be moving. You got a job in San Francisco and are moving? Try and formulate it as an amazing new adventure. Don’t talk in a fearful tone or a sad tone. Make it out to be as exciting as it actually is!

You can teach your kids how important keeping connections with loved ones is. Like staying in touch with their friends. And you are sure to have a smooth sailing ship.

Create a moving-week schedule!

This can really be so important and helpful for your kids. Curate a list of places to visit to say goodbye to. Better yet, not even goodbye, just see you soon! Take them to their favorite spots for food, sports, anything. Create a fun environment and enjoy that last week to the max.

Family packing together
Always try to make everything fun for your kids!

Also, urge them to hang out with their friends as much as possible, so you have the home empty for some last-minute packing!

Give your kids some chores

This doesn’t have to be very taxing, but can be very beneficial. Maybe they can pack up their own stuff, clean up their rooms, or do something fun like color-coding boxes! It’s all up to you to choose which chores would suit them best to feel like they are part of the team.

No one knows your kids better than you, and that’s why you can make the perfect choice of chores for them! It will also help distract their minds a bit if they are feeling sad.

If packing is something that is causing you and your kids some added stress, as it usually can be. We’d like to extend a helping hand and offer our professional packing services. Leaving the bigger packing to professionals might just be the way to go for you. They are trained in moving around bulkier furniture without damaging it and have all the necessary tools to ensure the safety of all of your items. 

Purge together!

Kids tend to accumulate a lot of unnecessary things. Broken toys, too many of the same toys, etc. This is why while you’re moving to San Francisco with kids, we suggest purging things together! It’s the perfect environment to convince your children to throw away old and broken things.

You can say that you’re all going to have a fresh start in San Francisco and you should make room for all the new toys and experiences you’ll have. It’s the perfect moment to teach your kids about letting the past stay in the past but to still remember it fondly.

Let your kids decide

An amazing way to make your kids feel like part of the team is to let them make a few decisions during your moving process. This can be as simple as choosing the color of a box or suitcase. This will help your kids stay grounded and will help them feel needed. If you’re not ready to really let your children decide, just asking them for their opinions on a matter of things is quite enough.

A little girl making a decision
Letting your kids make decisions will help their overall growth!

Take photos in your old home!

Make a little event out of it, perhaps the whole family can get ready like for a night out. We’re sure you have a lot of pictures in your home of you and your children. But chances are you never took very fancy photos. It’s the perfect occasion to get all dressed up and take some amazing pictures that you and your kids will cherish forever!

Befriend some of your new neighbors

If you’re visiting your new address a few times before moving, be sure to create some connections with your neighbors. Some of them are bound to have children. This way you can hype up your kids to meet some new friends who will live very close to them!

It’s a win-win, you get to meet some new people to share some time with, and also secure that your kids will have good friends as soon as you move.

Need movers to San Francisco?

Our residential movers are here to help out at any point in your moving process. Be sure to contact us if the need arises!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips for moving to San Francisco with kids! And we wish you and your family a smooth sailing moving experience. Good luck!