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    Have you ever considered moving to Burlingame, CA? Burlingame is located in San Mateo County, on the San Francisco peninsula. It is one of San Francisco’s gems. This city is small but historic and unbelievably charming. It offers so much, including a growing economy, stunning sceneries, and a short commute to South San Francisco and that’s why many singles love Burlingame. The city is the “Gateway to San Francisco”. It is often called the City of Trees due to its many eucalyptus groves. Zapt Movers are one of the most respectable movers Burlingame who will happily relocate you to this gorgeous city.

    Why do singles love Burlingame?

    Burlingame truly has something for everyone which makes it an excellent place to live. Its overall livability score is above the national average. Also, this charming city has lower poverty rates than other U.S. cities. It is known for its walkability and affluence. The city is filled with many young adults. If you are moving from other places in California to Burlingame, feel free to contact Zapt Movers CA for assistance. Here are some of the most important reasons why singles love Burlingame.

    Office building on the sea coast
    Burlingame is an affluent city

    Burlingame Climate

    The city has a Mediterranean climate, with pleasantly dry and warm summers. The average temperature per month never exceeds 72 degrees. Here you will get only 23 inches of rain per year and no snow. On average, this lovely city has 256 sunny days per year. The average temperature in January is 42 degrees, which is still warmer compared to other cities in California.

    Economy in Burlingame

    Burlingame is, without a doubt, a white-collar city because 90.31% of the workforce does white-collar jobs, much above the U.S. average. This is a city of professionals, sales and office workers as well as managers. A huge number of people work in management occupations, then in business and financial occupations, and also in office and administrative support. What is interesting is that Burlingame has more people working in math and computers than 95% of U.S. cities. Also, Burlingame has lots of artists and designers as well as people working in the media, more than the 90% of other cities. The big number of artists shapes the city’s character. The average salary in Burlingame, CA is $88k.

    Things to do in Burlingame

    There is always something happening in Burlingame. There are 2 shopping districts here along Broadway and Burlingame Avenue. On any given day, people go shopping in expensive stores, work on laptops while enjoying iced lattes, or engage in a conversation at an outdoor table of 5- star restaurants.

    There are plenty of parks and green spaces here. Burlingame has a convenient CalTrain station heading to SF and Silicon Valley. Prices are high, but you get a lot for what you pay for. Burlingame Avenue has some great restaurants, and if you’re into running or cycling, there are a lot of great trails nearby. If you are in need of movers San Mateo to help you start a new life here, give us a call.

    Square in city centre
    Burlingame is an active city with lots of shops, cafes, and restaurants

    Burlingame is a popular place to live

     Singles love Burlingame for its affluence and proximity to San Francisco so the housing costs and a small number of available apartments reflect that. Burlingame is pricey and the rental market is competitive but with its beautiful older homes, striking downtown, and many free and cheap things to do it sure is an attractive place to live.