5 Reasons why people are coming to Northern California

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Many factors come into consideration when choosing a new place of residence. Housing, tax situation, school system, and community are just some of them. Moving trends are changing each year, so it’s normal to expect that currently less popular places will rank high within the year or two. However, regions like Northern California have been among the top moving destinations for quite some time. The benefits for which people are coming to Northern California are enough to make anyone rethink their living situation. That’s why we at Zapt Movers prepared this helpful report for you. Furthermore, we want you to know our team is at your disposal whenever you decide it’s time for relocation.

People are moving to Northern California for a more quality lifestyle

Northern California has held the status of one of the most desirable regions to move to for several years already. However, it has become more popular due to numerous ongoing global shifts caused by the pandemic. The reason is obvious – people seek a better quality of life In addition, affordable prices and a booming job market are strong reasons why also many young professionals choose to come here. They know they will get the best of both worlds – peace of mind and a better living standard.

a woman in yellow showing thumbs up
People are coming to Northern California for its many benefits.

While large city areas are still popular for what they offer, smaller and more moderate-paced environments are more beneficial. Since many workers are moving their offices to their homes, it’s reasonable to find a place that is quieter. Plus, air quality is very important nowadays. So that’s why urbanized and loud city areas are currently much less popular. If you are already considering moving to Northern California, make sure to check the moving costs San Francisco market has on offer. There are plenty of affordable movers that offer high-quality services.

#1 The community in Northern California is more open-minded and friendly

You will notice a warm and helpful community once you move to Northern California. Many who lived somewhere in some of its towns said the community is welcoming and helpful towards newcomers. In addition, cultural diversity is strongly present there. Also, the residents appreciate face-to-face communication above all. They prefer going for a coffee with friends or taking long walks. That’s why it won’t be difficult to quickly make new friends and have good relations with neighbors.

However, if you prefer to move to more tucked away areas, then consider professional moving help. It’s risky to move everything on your own, especially if you have too many bulky furniture pieces. Take time to browse furniture movers San Francisco offers. They will handle heavy furniture and other bulky pieces. You won’t have to worry about possible damages and will move to your new home stress-free.

#2 Days in Northern California last longer

Northern Californians will finish the work – but at their pace. According to them, there’s no need to hurry since there’s plenty of time. They cultivate a more laid-back lifestyle and put a lot of emphasis on work-life balance. Life is too short not to enjoy it, and the residents of Northern California know this very well. Many former and current residents reported a positive change in their lives. Not only did they become more relaxed, but also they learned how to prioritize their leisure time. Additionally, they still managed to complete their work and stay motivated.

a person typing on a laptop
People in Northern California maintain a healthy work-life balance.

#3 The outdoor options are another reason why people are moving to Northern California

If you are one of those outdoor lovers who can’t wait for a weekend hike or camping, then Northern California is an excellent choice. It’s not a surprise why numerous Northern Californians tend to pack their bags for another weekend getaway. For example, the amazing natural sites, just an hour of drive away from the city of Angels Camp are perfect for swimming, hiking, family barbecues, and more.

#4 Northern California is family-friendly

Most young families prefer smaller places with good school systems, which is what Northern Californian towns provide. The education the kids get there is enough to prepare them for an upcoming college period. Moreover, the housing situation is much more affordable compared with the rest of California. Also, Northern California is quite safe. The crime rate is pretty low compared with the rest of the state. Plus, the community is open-minded and friendly.

All you have to do to have a safe relocation to Northern California and start a new family is to hire professional movers. However, make sure not to skip packing services San Francisco movers provide. Moving will take time, so it’s better to have a professional pair of helping hands at your disposal.

#5 Many aspiring professionals come to Northern California to make the most of its booming job market

Besides Silicon Valley, Northern California is becoming another important tech hub. As a result, the number of job openings in the tech industry is surprisingly high. In addition, many other professions seek new employees every now and then. Plus the poverty rate is much lower. At the same time, the quality of living standard is increasing every year.

people are coming to Northern California to raise their families
A family-friendly community is another advantage.

Pick a suitable moving ally to help you start fresh in Northern California

A good relocation journey starts with a professional moving company. Try not to rush when choosing the right movers for you. Keep in mind it’s in your best interest to have a hassle-free move, without any problems. So make sure to choose the company that checks everything from the list:

  • license
  • a commitment-free moving quote
  • insurance options
  • top-notch moving services

Now that you know why people are coming to Northern California, it’s up to you to decide your moving date. Relocations take time, however, you can turn it into a fun endeavor. Just hire a friendly and capable moving team and let your moving journey to Norther California begin!