7 Top Weekend Getaways in the Bay Area

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    Welcome to Bay Area! Home to great architecture and fun, this is a place to be. However, sometimes you just need a good getaway and luckily, it’s super easy to do it here. Moving companies San Francisco Bay Area has prepared a list of 7 weekend getaways in the Bay Area, so enjoy!

    Stinson Beach

    Located just 40 minutes away from downtown San Francisco, Stinson Beach is the perfect weekend getaway in the Bay Area. One of the best California beaches, Stinson Beach is the perfect place for family fun. The white sand shoreline is made for playing volleyball or sunbathing, and you can enjoy a swim in the ocean when the wind allows it. Our moving companies San Mateo county recommend arriving before noon so you can secure a parking spot and enjoy your weekend getaway!

    7 Weekend Getaways in the Bay Area
    These 7 weekend getaways in the Bay Area will definitely make your life more fun!

    Muir Beach is definitely one of 7 weekend getaways in the Bay Area

    Muir Beach is also worthy of mention, as those who prefer peace and quiet will enjoy it more than Stinson Beach. Despite it being located just 17 miles away from San Francisco, it’s out of this world! The area around the beach is a protected natural reserve, so you will find amazing species during your weekend hikes! Moving companies Belmont CA recommend coming prepared with delicious food and making a picnic. Sounds perfect, right?

    The Claremont Club & Spa

    This luxury hotel has been around since 1915, and it’s one of the Bay Area landmarks so it’s perfect for a weekend getaway. Here you can pamper yourself with spa treatments (facials, massage, hydrotherapy), swim in the saline pools, and even play tennis! There is even a country club, and Claremont Club offers private memberships. Check out the moving costs San Francisco and get closer to living the dream!

    Monterey is a must for the 7 weekend getaways in the Bay Area

    Despite it being a 2,5-hour drive- trust us, it’s worth it. Monterey was known as a small, fishing town but it evolved and now stands for one of the best weekend getaways in the Bay Area! The drive to Monterey itself is amazing, and the little town is packed with tourist attractions, restaurants, and galleries. Movers South San Francisco recommend checking out  Monterey Bay Aquarium during the visit!

    woman in towel looking relaxed
    Everybody deserves a little bit of pampering, so treat yourself!


    Next to Monterey, but offering a completely different experience- Carmel is a must! This seaside village is full of beautiful attractions and amenities. You can visit some of the local boutiques and buy unique pieces, eat in adorable cafés and bakeries, and check out the local art galleries! Carmel is famous for its Spanish-style architecture, so you will forget you are in the Bay Area. This is what getaways are for!

    Half Moon Bay

    Perfect for couples, this luxurious getaway should be saved for special occasions! Ritz-Carlton here is basically the only luxury resort in Northern California, so use it wisely. Choose between golf courses, an amazing spa, and a fitness center- there is something for everyone! Our movers Menlo Park recommend taking a nice long walk along the beach and enjoying the sunset.

    Yosemite National Park is the winner of 7 weekend getaways in the Bay Area

    Located 4 hours away from San Francisco, Yosemite is a truly spectacular place. This national park offers you a chance to see a 600-feet waterfall, huge granite rocks, and walls-  all at once! You can even spend a night in Yosemite (we recommend camping) and make the most of the weekend. Lovers of nature- rejoice!