A guide to exploring Redwood City after a move

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Exploring a place on holiday and exploring it after relocation are two completely different things. Spending a couple of days enjoying is easy to plan, while actually living there takes a lot of time to organize. Not to mention that you will have to go through multiple places while choosing a perfect one to settle. And once you find the perfect one, you will have to do research on how to adapt and what things you can see and do in the future. Today we will see what is the best way for exploring Redwood City after a move and what exactly to expect!

Welcome to Redwood City

Every good guide begins with a quick history. And when it comes to Redwood City there are plenty of interesting things to learn about it. While you wait for moving companies San Francisco to arrive and pick up your items, it is good to know at least a couple of them. The city was established in 1867 and it was a very important trading spot back then. Locals were focused on agriculture and almost every household had domesticated animals to take care of. This led Redwood City to develop pretty fast but still, get to keep the same trading vibe. 

people sitting in the park
Parks in Redwood City are great for relaxing but meeting new community as well

Today, this city is home to 81,643 people both from surrounding cities and other states as well. Almost every corner of the city has workshops and stores that are family-owned and have a long history. Those who come to visit and stay there for a couple of days can get interesting souvenirs there and other homemade products.

Exploring Redwood City after a move

Luckily, your residential movers San Franciso will make sure your inventory is in good hands so that you can fully focus on writing some important locations down. It will be good to do this while still in your hometown as exploring the city will be much more organized this way. Depending on who you decide to move with, there will be countless interesting things waiting for you there. According to locals who love every part of the city, and tourists who keep on coming back here are the most notable ones.

San Mateo County History Museum

Even if you are not a fan of history you can’t skip checking out the San Mateo County History Museum. It was built in 1910 and since then it has been preserving the history of the city and the entire state as well. Those who decide to visit will have a chance to enjoy different exhibitions every month, each one of them related to a specific period of American history. The museum is open every day, and if you wish to visit it with your kids, they will not have to pay for tickets if they are under the age of 5. Learning more about your new home will be a perfect start to your successful blending-in process.

interior of the museum
If you love art and history, exploring Redwood City after a move should begin in its museum

Pulgas Ridge

And those who love spending time outside will find Pulgas Ridge to be perfect. A lot of Redwood City locals will take their morning and afternoon walk there, as the place has a lot of trails and benches. Once local movers San Francisco start unloading their vehicles, you and your family can pay it a visit and take a break from all that moving work. But Pulgas Ridge will benefit you in other ways as well. There you will get a chance to get closer to your new community and neighbors. Considering the place is always full of people, especially when the weather is nice, make sure to start some new friendships there.

Exploring Redwood City after a move with your kids

When you move with your kids, you will have to look for very specific places. Kids tend to take much longer to adapt to a new place, and finding attractions that they will love will speed up the process. The good news is that exploring Redwood City with them will be an adventure of a lifetime. One of the places that your kids will love no matter their age is the Fox Theatre. The place was established in 1929 and to its visitor offers all kinds of shows and concerts. Almost every month there are a bunch of performances for kids so make sure to reserve tickets on time.

Milagros Latin Kitchen

Of course, after exploring Redwood City you may feel the need to take a break and have a nice meal. One of the highest-rated restaurants in the city is Milagros Latin Kitchen. the place has a long history and is serving all kinds of specialties. once you decide to stop by don’t forget to order “Mahi Mahi” a delicious dish made of vegetables and meat. The place has excellent reviews online and people who come to visit Redwood City will come back every time. The employees are very kind and each one of them will make sure you enjoy your time there. As soon as you make a deal with moving companies Redwood City, make sure to reserve a table for you, your family, and your friends.

people sitting at the restaurant
Redwood City has many restaurants that go from being luxurious to traditional

Exploring Redwood City after a move will be even better if you include more people. Those who will be moving alone should rely on the new community to help them out. As soon as you arrive, let them know that you are new in the city and that you would like to know about certain locations. If you take packing services San Francisco, your new neighbors can even help you unpack and unload your items. Redwood City has a wonderful community that is very welcoming toward newcomers. As soon as they find out that you will be joining them, expect to start making new friendships soon. Take your time blending in as Redwood City will surely treat you right!