Best California cities for big families

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The sunshine state is welcoming to any and all! California is a beautiful state and many people choose to live there because of the warm climate. We always hear talk of L.A. and Beverly Hills, but what some may not know is that California is very much home to some beautiful family-friendly cities. Let us at Zapt Movers present to you our top picks for the best California cities for big families! Let’s get you to your desired home with your lovely family.

The best California cities for big families

What are some factors to look for while picking your new home city?

Since you’re moving with a big family, we already know that all things for children will be needed. Are there good schools? Many safe environments for kids to hang out? Low crime rates? And many other questions are crucial. But, worry not, we’ve taken the liberty to answer these questions for you and give you our best picks.

We’ve sorted through quite a number of cities in California, and we’ve settled on the following. These are the most family-friendly cities in California in 2021. Take your pick!

1. Imperial

The number 1 most family-friendly city in California is Imperial. With a population of around 17k citizens, Imperial is a fast-growing community with around 50% of households with children. There are many fun activities in Imperial including golf courses and sand dunes for campers.

Additionally, it is just north of Mexico, which is an amazing location. Perfect for family vacations during the hot summer months!

2. Moorpark

The second city on our list is an even better choice if you’re interested in a bit of a larger city. Moorpark is considered the safest town in California. It houses many parks and amazing schools, as well as great job opportunities. Also, Moorpark has the highest percentage of family households in California, as well as around 37k citizens.

3. Camarillo

Camarillo in Ventura County is our next pick. Its location close to LA really is a huge plus for anyone working in LA. It’s a town of 67k and it’s very close to the coast. It offers amazing food, parks, and an array of facilities like skateparks, equestrian centers, or aquatic centers.

Camarillo is known for sticking to traditions, quiet neighborhoods, and a tight-knit community.

A picture of the suburbs
Settle in your new dream home with your family.

4. Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is a town of 95k citizens. Their mission is to create fun and safety for anyone living there. It is very much a family-friendly town and one of the best California cities for big families. It has all kinds of modern places and activities. A good pick for families with teenagers!

If you’re searching for local California movers, contact us to transport your home quickly and efficiently.

5. San Marino

San Marino as a city of 13k citizens is our next pick. This town, apart from tranquility and privacy, offers some of the most amazing job options for engineers, and anyone working in software development.

6. Pleasanton

Pleasanton is a major suburb. It has very low rates of crime and is very safe. Job opportunities are plenty, as well as amazing schooling options for your children. Pleasanton is also one of the more affordable cities on our list.

7. the Sierra Madre

The Sierra Madre is a city in Los Angeles County, whose population is 10k. Downtown Sierra Madre has small local restaurants and shops. It is a growing city with many job opportunities and family activities. As with all other cities we’ve covered, this one as well offers complete safety.

8. Torrance

Torrance offers amazing schooling opportunities. With over 30 schools, they put great importance into education. And their educational facilities are really well organized, as well as very strict. Another extremely safe city that is ever-growing to consider for your family.

Which to choose?

We would urge you to search up all additional information you might find valuable in your search for your new home. Making the perfect decision is imperative.

  • Check the schools
  • Check out the neighborhoods
  • Look for activities you need (For example if you’re kids go to swimming lessons, be sure to see if they can continue their sport in your new home)
  • Affordability (what will be your expected monthly costs, are you buying or renting a house)
  • Moving expenses
  • Are you moving with seniors?

For quality senior moving services, be sure to contact us to help you out and ease your worries. Moving with seniors can be a bit taxing and hard for them. They handle change much worse than younger people, so having trained professionals to help you might be the best choice for you.

In need of movers?

Now that you’ve settled on the perfect California city for your family, it’s time to get to the technicalities of the move itself. Choosing good, reliable movers can be as crucial as choosing the perfect place to live. You’ll be trusting all of your possessions to someone. It is really important to choose carefully and know that you’re in good hands.

A trusted moving company
Hiring a good, reliable moving company is half the job well done.

Our residential moving services offer amazing options for moving home. Our skilled and professional movers will have no difficulty meeting your expectations and wishes. Be sure to contact us to get your money’s worth in your moving process. We pride ourselves on a very transparent and professional working relationship.

What you should look out for while moving are scammers and unprofessional or unregistered moving companies. Usually, you can tell simply by looking up the address of the moving company if they are legit or not. Otherwise, the FMCSA is your best friend in checking moving companies’ accreditation.

We hope our comprehensive list of California cities for big families has been of help to you. We wish you luck on your journey to a new home.