Best Places in Bay Area To Retire To

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You’ve worked hard your entire life, and now is finally the time to enjoy the rewards of your labor. However, you still need to make some significant choices before you can truly retire. For example, what city you’ll be living in after you’ve said goodbye to your job. Luckily, the San Francisco Bay Area has long been a destination for people looking for a fresh start at life. If you are in need of inspiration, this list includes some of the best places in Bay Area to retire to! And once you’ve made up your mind, moving companies San Francisco will be by your side to help you relocate. 

Here’s why Bay Area is a wonderful region for senior citizens

Living in the Bay Area has its challenges, from the high cost of living to the arduous traffic. However, the rewards of moving to this area outweigh the downsides, even for senior citizens. With breathtaking natural beauty, and world-class cultural scene, it’s easy to see why many people chose to retire here.

Sunset view of the San Francisco Bay Area
One of the cities in San Francisco Bay area might be just the perfect choice for you to spend your hard-earned retirement.

Retirees living in the Bay Area will have a high quality of life, and access to top-rated health care options. Besides, where else can you live among gorgeous beaches, enormous redwoods, and famous museums at once? If this sounds appealing to you as well, look into moving services San Francisco as soon as possible. 

Los Gatos tops the list of best places in Bay Area to retire to

According to a WallHub study, this city with a cat-related name was the number one destination for retirees in California. The posh South Bay Area city got this title due its high quality of life and health care. However, these traits are far from being the only good things about Los Gatos. 

Namely, there is an abundance of activities in Los Gatos within easy reach, including art galleries, theaters, and golf courses. Los Gatos, famous as a jewel of Santa Clara County, is also known for its scenic beauty. Sparkling waters of Lake Vasona are just some of this city’s natural wonders! And if that isn’t enough, Los Gatos is also the 33rd wealthiest city in the United States, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Foster City is also on the list of best places in Bay Area to retire to

It’s true that costs of living in Foster City are higher than the national average. However, moving companies San Mateo County can confirm that residents have nothing but praise for this small community. For example, did you know that no other Californian city has more parks per resident than Foster City? 

Panoramic view of the Foster City
If you make a decision to retire to Foster City, you’ll have the chance to enjoy this beautiful view everyday.

If you decide to retire here,you will enjoy miles of walking and bike routes bordering the Foster Public lagoon and the San Francisco Bay. In addition to well-kept parks, Foster City maintains a golf center and sandy beaches you can enjoy throughout the year. Moreover, it’s one of the safest cities in the United States, so that reason alone can make you retire here.  

After you retire, your dream home can be in South San Francisco

South San Francisco is a warm and vibrant neighborhood outside of urban city hustle and bustle. Still, it’s close enough to San Francisco to not significantly reduce the opportunities for city living. Although housing expenses can be high, the community, diversity and safety add up to the positive experience of retiring here. Just get in touch with movers South San Francisco to see what it is all about!

Best places in Bay Area to retire toare the ones where you have friends
Once you retire, South San Francisco will offer you plenty of opportunities to meet new friends and learn new skills.

One of the main points of interest in South San Francisco for retirees is the Roberta Cerri Teglia Center. Here you can find a wide range of services for those 50 and over, including picnics, movie screenings, and workshops. Moreover, Roberta Cerri Teglia Center also has an adult day care center to support frail or persons with disabilities. 

Have a fresh start at life at Menlo Park

Just north of the famous cities of Palo Alto and East Palo Alto, lies the charming city of Menlo Park. Many tech giants have offices here, so it’s usually the younger population that hires movers Menlo Park to relocate here. That could be your chance to stay in touch with new ideas, and perhaps even share your longtime career experience. On top of that, you’ll enjoy a wonderful climate, lovely parks, and diverse community in Menlo Park!

If you have ample savings, consider retiring to Belmont as well

The majority of people who live in Belmont own their homes, giving the neighborhood an urban/suburban atmosphere. There are numerous eateries, coffee shops, and parks in this city, offering plenty of opportunities for socializing. Belmont also has a large percentage of families, so you’ll never miss having kids around to play with. On the other hand, the real estate in Belmont can be quite pricey, with homes costing even 2,5 million dollars. Still, if you do find your dream home nearby, reliable moving companies Belmont CA can help you retire here.  

We sincerely hope our guide with the best places in Bay Area to retire will be helpful to you. If you do move here once you end your career, you can always count on competent movers to assist you. After all, you should take some time to relax after retiring. When it comes to relaxing, we are certain that the Bay Area will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy.