Best places in Santa Clara County for millennials

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So your new destination is the popular Santa Clara County. A programmer’s dream, Santa Clara County has all the places to satisfy any type of millennial needs. The size of the state is immense so there is a lot of exploration to be done without the need to adapt. Nightlife, wildlife exploring, close-by vacation centerpieces, great weather, technology, and career-defining opportunities. Those are just one of many places in Santa Clara County for millennials to find themselves in the perfect spot. But we will need to be more specific. They are currently the most unpredictable generation. It’s a tricky one considering that we are at the period of time where they range between settling down for a family and those who are not up to it yet.

A little bit of everything from Santa Clara

The county is surrounded by just about everything that every millennial would ask for. Santa Clara of the state of California has a population of nearly two million. Known for its luscious green hilltown environment and eventfulness, but infamous in the world of business.  As one of the most prosperous cities in the entire US, it has plenty to offer. The amount of exploring and things to do in this county is immense. It is likely that you won’t be able to complete the bucket list. Historical landmarks, career-building jobs, parks and recreations, and alluring hilltop sights in dusk to gaze upon. Those are just one of many amenities to keep everyone breathless. This is why it is a fitting place for kids to grow up, but also for younger millennials. When it comes to job opportunities, the list is endless. Before we get into the three cities that we marked as the best places in Santa Clara County for millennials we will guide you on how you can utilize this city and make the most of it.

Two women looking at the code at laptop
Santa Clara County is the best place for millennials to flourish in their career

Nothing goes well like a millennial in Santa Clara County

One of the distinct characteristics of a millennial is that they are keeping up with the time. As we know, Santa Clara County is the economic center for technology. The internet, mobile devices, and social media are no strangers to your average Santa Clara citizen. Everything operates through it for a millennial to have a great headstart when he relocates. When you reach out to the Zapt Movers they will make your moving day a painless and stressless transition.

Silicon Valley is the beating heart of Santa Clara County’s economy

Formerly known as “Valley of Heart’s Delight, Silicon Valley is a high technological district of worldwide acclaim. It is probably the world’s biggest tech center and is the epicenter of high-tech development. As a matter of fact, the headquarters of around 30 Fortune firms are located in Silicon Valley. Countless opportunities for a technologically advanced job await, it is the perfect place for programming trainees to showcase their programming talent. Make your way through for a prosperous future as many worldwide known companies lie within this region:

  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Cisco
  • eBay
  • Hp
  • Intel
  • LinkedIn
  • Nvidia
  • PayPal
Grandmother, mother and two little girls in a kitchen eating cookies
It is the perfect place to raise a family


It has a population of 140.000 people and it’s one of those cities you need to see at least once in a lifetime. Filled with neverending options of parks, this city is intended for all the people of playful nature. As well as recreational parks such as Baylands Park which is located just towards the San Francisco Bay and occupies 70 acres of space. The vast range of native flora and fauna will keep you engaged in your leisure. This city is also a bingo for gaming enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, this city is the birthplace of the video gaming industry. Atari was founded in Sunnyvale in 1972, and the rest is history. One comforting aspect of this city is its safety. The department of public safety will keep you out of trouble. The notable fact about them is that they are trained as firefighters, police, and EMTs at the same time. Why not try to go down Sunnyvale Civic Center to the public library while movers Sunnyvale are taking care of your belongings?


With a population of 57,820, Cupertino is the smallest of our selections. It is best known for being the headquarters of Apple Inc. and one of the founding cities of Silicon Valley. A distinct difference between the three is how heavily inspired it is by Asian culture. With 63% of residents having Asian roots, there are numerous excellent restaurants for you to experiment with taste. Throughout the year, many festivals and events take place in Cupertino, including the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Lunar New Year Unity Parade, the Diwali Festival, The Moon Festival, and the Cupertino Silicon Valley Fall Festival. If you’re into living different cultures while still being in touch with your own, look no further than Cupertino. Their movers Cupertino can give you a much more detailed insight into the city and hopefully see you relocating to this wonderful little city.

Santa Clara

Last but not least and perhaps with the most variety, Santa Clara has a population of 127,647. Home of companies headquarters of Intel, AMD, and Nvidia and engulfed with history and numerous events with family-friendly exhibits. This city is an overachiever when it comes to millennials’ needs. With numerous elementary schools, private and public, the future of the kids is in safe hands. Santa Clara Unified School District is a public school district that serves Santa Clara as well as small parts of Sunnyvale and North San Jose. Most greatly, it is the home of Santa Clara University, the oldest university in California.

Three men sitting on veranda
Making new friendships in Santa Clara County is unavoidable

Sports fans aren’t shorthanded either, San Francisco 49ers lead the top-notch competitiveness in Santa Clara. The Levi’s stadium of the former champions is a must-visit for any sports fan. The city is eventful with a little bit of everything to suit everyone’s taste. Santa Clara’s average annual cost of living is $2319, placing it among the top 3% of all global cities. Bring on the excitement and contact movers Santa Clara to see yourself through a swift and calm-moving day.

Hopefully, this insight into these adventurous and prosperous cities encouraged you to make a move. Do yourself a favor and book out Santa Clara County movers. Reach up to them and ask any question on the topic of the best places in Santa Clara County for millennials and they will find you the best one!