Downsizing after a divorce – The ultimate guide

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    After a divorce, many things change, from finances to what we want and don’t want to have in our life. So downsizing after a divorce is a normal and smart thing to do. It is a good way to organize your new life and to start it off in a good way. It is best to downsize before looking for and hiring some of the best moving companies San Francisco bay area to handle the move to your new home. There are many ways to downsize and it can also depend on your preferences, here are some ways to downsize after divorce.

    Adapting to a new lifestyle is a good way to downsize after a divorce

    Before you start downsizing you need to accept that you are going to have a different lifestyle with a different budget, it will be a different financial reality. Which doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, far from it. But holding on to things and ways to spend money that are not doable anymore can hold you back from moving forward and being happy. That is why downsizing is also very important, as you are getting rid of the things you don’t need or can’t afford anymore. It can be hard downsizing on your spending and it will take time to adjust, but it will be smart to work on it from the start. You can make a plan to live happily on a different budget after downsizing. And you can easily find affordable moving quotes San Francisco when looking for movers.

    Man using a laptop and planing his downsizing after a divorce
    Plan how you are going to adapt to a new lifestyle after a divorce, it will make everything easier.

    Get rid of things that have negative memories attached while downsizing after a divorce

    This is one of the most important parts of downsizing, getting rid of things like clothes, mementos, furniture that have negative memories attached. It is one of the biggest benefits of downsizing after a divorce. And it will make moving on much easier and it will give you more space to get new things. You can even make some money while doing this. So go through your bedroom and closet and then through the rest of your home and put aside all the things that you don’t want anymore. Then you can sort them by how you are going to get rid of them. If you are moving your business then you can do the same things in your office and get them out of the way before commercial movers San Francisco come. And there are many ways to get rid of your old things, you can:

    • Sell them
    • Donate them
    • Give them away

    Hire professional movers for your move

    You are most likely going to be moving after the divorce. For one reason or another, it is not realistic to stay in a big house when you don’t need it. It’s too much work to clean and maintain it. And moving can be tiring and complicated, especially in a period of your life where you are already not in the best shape to handle a lot of stress. So hiring good movers Palo Alto to help you with the move will make a big difference. As they can take care of everything from packing to moving your things, you wouldn’t have to do much. It will save you a lot of tiring work and stress. Just make sure that you hire good movers that know what they are doing and which you can trust with your things. Which shouldn’t be too hard.

    Two people shaking hands
    Hiring professional movers will make moving much easier and safer

    Downsize your car too when downsizing after a divorce

    There is no need to strain your budget by paying for a car that you don’t need anymore. And overextending yourself financially can cause you a lot of stress and make it harder to enjoy your new life. It will be good to keep your expenses low so that you can save up more money for things that you want. So when downsizing after divorce think about getting a different car that suits your budget and needs better. You can easily find cheap used cars, but you should be careful. It will be good for you and you will be glad that you did it when you see how much more money you end up with.

    Get rid of the furniture

    Same as with the clothes mentioned above, furniture can bring a lot of good and bad memories. And with divorce, there will probably be some bad ones too or at least some that you don’t want to have. And you are likely to end up with too much furniture which you don’t need, that and old furniture too. You will enjoy your new start with less furniture to clutter your new home and with more space for new things. So go through all the furniture and figure out what you don’t need anymore and what you can leave behind. This will also make your move much easier and cheaper as there will be fewer things to move. And furniture takes up the most space, so it will make a big difference in your moving quote. It is one of the best ways to downsize after a divorce.

    Man carrying a wooden table

    You can also use a storage unit when downsizing after a divorce

    Even when you finish downsizing after a divorce you might still have a problem with the lack of space in your new home. As you are going to be downsizing with the size of your home too after a divorce. If you still have a lot of things and don’t want to throw them away, but can’t put them in your new home either, you can rent a storage unit. It can be a good solution both short and long term. Just make sure that you figure out what kind of storage you need, and that is going to depend on the things you are putting into it. You might need climate-controlled storage for some things, like antique furniture for example. You can always ask your movers if they offer storage services, and you are likely to get a good price if you include it in the move.