Effective Tips For Downsizing in San Francisco

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    Downsizing is a very popular reason for moving. Many people declutter during their life for different reasons. However, one that is most common is when you have an upcoming move. And you want to save some money. Because, the more stuff you have to move or store, the price is higer. Moreover, another reason why people choose to downsize is that they simply do not need a large home. Therefore, moving to a smaller one will save you a lot of money on utility bills and the up-keeping of the house. However, downsizing is not an easy process. Mostly because you have to get rid of a lot of stuff you own. Furthermore, when downsizing in San Francisco make sure to hire the best Movers San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. Now let us see what are some tips for downsizing.

    Make sure to start on time when downsizing in San Francisco

    When you decide to start downsizing, you should give yourself enough time to start and finish this process. Usually, it will take you longer than you predict. Go slowly and thoroughly! Do not even think about sorting and decluttering everything in one or two days! Moreover, be realistic, you will probably need around a month to declutter everything and get ready for downsizing. And of course, go room by room and take a lot of breaks along the way.

    downsizing in San Francisco
    Downsizing in San Francisco can be easy with the help of our tips from this blog.

    Furthermore, when you are downsizing you need to get rid of a lot of stuff. However, parting ways is hard with some of the stuff. Therefore, make sure to go through your belongings one at a time. Allow yourself enough time to think if you really need something, when was the last time you used it, and such things. This will help you create a system of deciding whether something stays or goes. After you declutter you will be ready for downsizing! Of course, make sure to hire some of the best residential movers San Francisco has to offer! And you sit back and relax while the professionals take care of your move. 

    Start with the small things

    You should start with the big rooms right away. Try to leave the garage, kitchen, attic, and other big rooms for last. However, it is better for you to start decluttering in rooms where you will probably not have any emotional attachment to stuff. For example, start with the small things in the laundry room or linen closet, etc. After you are done, make sure to call movers Redwood City right away and book your moving date as soon as possible. Another very important thing you should ask yourself is what you really need to take with you when you downsize.

    Therefore, if you are moving into a two-bedroom house, 3 or 4 sets of bed sheets should be enough. The same goes for pillowcases and blankets. Everything that exceeds this limit should go! So, just take a moment and think if it is really necessary to take something with you to your new place. And keep in mind that you are first decluttering as much as possible. That is if you want to downsize. Moreover, be prepared to have the toughest time decluttering rooms full of memories and clutter like garages, basements, attics, and so on. Make sure to hire movers San Mateo to help you relocate. That is after you declutter your home.

    a woman carrying boxes
    It might be hard to part ways with some things you do not need anymore. However, you will feel much better when all the clutter is gone from your life.

    Is there that room in your new home?

    Because you are downsizing you probably will not have the same number of rooms in your new house. Therefore, if you are moving from a big house to a smaller townhome or an apartment. The chances are you probably won’t have the garage or any office space at your new residence. Therefore, everything that was in these rooms in your old house needs to be donated. Make sure to hire the best furniture movers San Francisco has to offer for the furniture you are taking with you. And of course, if there is something valuable, of course, sell it!

    Only if something is very important to you – move it to another room. And make sure to think of a good place where you will put it in your new home. Everything else you can put up for sale online on e-bay or similar websites. However, if you are an old-fashioned person you can make a garage sale.

    Process your feelings when you downsize

    Just because it sounds easy when you read this article, downsizing brings a lot of emotions and nostalgia with it. It is important to deal with these emotions in a healthy way. You should know that it is normal to feel concerned about stuff you had since forever. No matter that it is junk, for you it has some kind of sentimental value. Just keep in mind that the less stuff you have the lower moving quotes San Francisco will be! And you want to save money of course!

    smily faces
    Processing your feeling when you downsize is crucial if you want a happy new start in life

    Moreover, another thing that can help you deal with all the grief and emotions is happy thoughts. Start being excited that you are moving to a new environment. Even though it is a cliche try to focus on the positive aspects of your downsizing. For example, think about how in the future you will have much less to clean, vacuum, things to wash, and so on. All of these responsibilities become much lower when you move to a smaller house.

    The bottom line of downsizing in San Francisco

    Downsizing in San Francisco should be much easier now that you read this article. However, make sure to hire Zapt Movers to help you execute your move successfully!