Essential Cleaning Tasks When Moving Out

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You already know that your upcoming relocation brings a lot of different tasks to focus on. Some of them will be easy, others difficult, but each one of them should have the same aim. Moving successfully and arriving at the new place stress-free should be your goal from the start. Once you start moving and shifting your items, your old home will need one more favor from you. Let’s go through some essential cleaning tasks when moving out and how to do them quickly. Before affordable movers San Francisco based arrive, your old home should be fresh and ready to welcome someone else. 

How early should you begin?

It is not always so easy to determine this one, mainly because our homes are not the same and we don’t have the same amount of items. But on average, it is good to begin a couple of days prior to your moving day. More difficult areas will need more time, and you will be the best judge of that. What matters is that you focus on all important parts of your home, as some of them are not on our daily-cleaning list. Once the moving companies San Mateo County based send their team, you will have to focus on your inventory and leave the place, so avoid leaving cleaning as your last task. 

person holding the spray and cloth
Some areas will be much easier to clean, depending on their purpose

Of course, if you have some areas that you don’t use that often, you should probably start with them. These rooms will be the easiest ones to clean as you will probably have to dust them and wash a couple of items.

Kitchen cleaning tasks when moving out

If you thought that the kitchen will be the place to start you were absolutely right. The area that we use on a daily basis and that has many different purposes will have to be refreshed and cleaned one more time before moving. Considering you have a lot of appliances there, once you start moving them around, floors and walls that were hidden will come to light again. This will instantly mean that you will have to dust or wash them properly, as not a lot of people tend to do this every day. With proper moving services San Francisco offers, movers will take care of larger items from this area, so don’t bother moving them out alone. As soon as you get to work make sure to:

  • Empty all the cabinets, drawers, and pantry
  • Clean the kitchen appliances
  • Clean the countertops
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Wash the sink and faucets

Checklist for cleaning your bathroom

Another important area in your home is your old bathroom. Just like you wouldn’t want to see the mess in your new place, try to clean the one you are currently using. The good news is that bathrooms are the most often cleaned area in our homes, and you will surely not have a lot of work in there. However, it is important to check for missed spots and those places where appliances used to be. Chances are high that you will have some extra cleaning tasks only once the residential mover San Franciso offers, remove the bathroom inventory. The most crucial bathroom cleaning tasks when moving out include:

  • Clear out all personal items
  • Scrub the shower and bathtub
  • Clean the sink and vanity
  • Clean the toilet
  • Wash the mirrors and windows
person cleaning windows
Washing windows is one of the essential cleaning tasks when moving out

Don’t forget about bedroom cleaning tasks when moving out

According to many people who recently moved, this one can be the trickiest one. Our bedrooms are usually places that we keep neat and organized, but they also tend to be filled with our personal items. Cleaning this one will be completely different and you must have a different approach as well. When movers arrive and remove large beds, wardrobes, and other furniture, you will be left with much more space to dust and clean. Of course, try to use non-aggressive cleaning solutions, as there is no need to breathe in chemicals the entire day. Your main priority should be to:

  • Dust all surfaces
  • Wash or vacuum curtains
  • Clean the closet
  • Wash the bedding
  • Mop the floors

There is also your living room

Expect this room the be the busiest one on the moving-out day. Your items will be everywhere and not to mention your family members and movers. This means that you will still have to clean it once everyone is gone, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. However, some cleaning tasks in your old living room can be done earlier, including cleaning windows and dusting ceiling corners. The rest, you can do once all of your items are outside. In general, some of the most common cleaning tasks in this room are:

  • Dust the shelves 
  • Vacuum the floors
  • Clean the furniture
  • Clean the artwork on the wall
  • Dust the inventory that you will leave behind

Other things to know about cleaning tasks when moving out

Even though it may seem like too much, all these sections can be finished in one day. As long s you have good plan and cleaning tactics, everything will be over soon. Make sure to avoid using a lot of chemicals, especially if your kids or pets will be around. Keep in mind that your moving-out day will e a little bit chaotic and it is important to keep everyone safe. Speaking of people in your house, feel free to invite someone to help you clean your home. There is no need for you to spend hours and hours cleaning alone, and it will feel good to rely on someone during that day.

person dusting the floor
Leave your living room for the very end, as it will be the busiest room on the moving day

If you think that cleaning tasks when moving out are not so important, try to consider that idea again. Someone else will probably be moving in there soon, and they will love what you did with the place. Leaving your home with positive vibes and thoughts will affect this entire process so dust away those bad memories and look forward to your bright future.