Factors that affect your moving quote when moving to San Francisco

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People often get confused about a moving estimate. Since that amount is the approximate cost of the move, the total expenses will depend upon many key components that affect your moving quote when moving to San Francisco. Therefore, make sure to factor in every additional service. Our team at Zapt Movers created this helpful guide so you can plan your moving expenses in a practical manner. In addition, you can always contact us for advice, especially if you’re moving for the first time. Our team is just a phone call away!

a couple writing all factors that affect your moving quote when moving to San Francisco
Many important factors affect your moving quote when moving to San Francisco.

There are multiple factors that influence your moving quote for San Francisco relocation

Set aside a couple of days to properly plan your moving budget. Write down all factors that largely influence moving quote:

  • Location and labor cost
  • The distance between your old and new place of residence
  • Heavy lifting
  • Additional moving services (storage, supplies, packing…)
  • The presence of the elevator
  • Insurance

Location is a number one factor that will affect your moving quote for your San Francisco move

Access to your home will influence moving quotes San Francisco companies usually offer. Also, location will influence labor cost and the number of movers that are supposed to execute all tasks.  Furthermore, you should also factor in the number of working hours. Whether you have more movers and thus fewer hours, you still have to pay for the number of movers and vice versa. Therefore, think carefully about what works best for you.

Distance is another important factor affecting moving estimates when relocating to San Francisco

The moving quote also depends on whether you are moving locally or cross country. Local moves will cost less than long-distance relocations. That’s why it’s important to hire reliable movers that won’t cause additional costs due to incompetence. Moving should be taken seriously, and only professionals can provide top-notch service.

Make sure to factor in heavy loads

Heavy loads and moving equipment are much-needed moving services if you have too many bulky items. While doing the heavy loads yourself seems like a cheaper idea, it’s much more difficult than you think. Thus it’s better to include furniture movers San Francisco companies have on offer, for example. Especially if you never had experience with moving before. As a result, you won’t have to pay for additional repairs or end up with completely damaged items.

Additional moving services add up to your San Francisco moving quote

Again, the number of additional moving services also depends on the duration of your move. For example, indoor self-storage units will be extremely beneficial if you are moving long-distance. Your possessions will be safe inside and even the most sensitive items will stay in one piece. Climate-control feature in modern indoor units maintains the optimal temperature inside. However, relocations that last only a few days won’t require such storage. In this case, portable storage containers are much more convenient and cost-effective.

movers carrying boxes
Additional moving services and the number of working hours influence a moving estimate.

Next, consider packing services San Francisco moving companies include in their offer. Although packing seems easy, it’s often not the case. Some items require a special packing system. That’s why only professional packers will know how to handle all items. It will take them much less time to finish packing. Maybe your total moving cost goes up the end, however, you’ll save yourself more time for other duties. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your packed belongings.

The presence of the elevator makes the difference in moving expenses

Elevators in the buildings make the job easier for movers. On the other hand, moving everything down the stairs will mean more work, more hours, and a higher moving quote. So keep in mind the presence or absence of an elevator will significantly determine a moving estimate. If you don’t want to hire too many movers, then ask someone close to help you.

Your moving quote for San Francisco move will depend on the company’s insurance options

Any professional moving company will have its own insurance options. However, not all of them will be the same. Moreover, you probably won’t find them beneficial for you. Read carefully everything about the company’s insurance option before scheduling a moving quote. Ensure the company you want to hire is fully responsible to its customers. They must understand all legal obligations.

a hand signing contract
Check insurance options before hiring any company. Decide if the conditions are beneficial for you.

Make sure to hire reputable movers

Don’t rush with hiring. Set aside enough time to browse different moving companies and research as much as you can about them. Only licensed and verified movers should come into consideration. Furthermore, the company you intend to hire must have a good reputation. Relocations go smoothly when

Pick additional services you need for your move

The duration of your move will require you storage rental or hiring professional packing help. Even better if your chosen company offers quality moving supplies. However, don’t rush with cheaper supply options before you make sure you’ll get what’s advertised. Sometimes it’s smarter to spend extra dollars on durable boxes that will protect your items from a collision. Also, stay away from DIY storage units that don’t guarantee the complete safety of your items. Some of them may not stay in a good condition during the moving process.

Consult with moving experts about the moving quote

Consultations regarding all factors that affect your moving quote when moving to San Francisco will be of great help. They will give you a better insight into approximate moving expenses. Further, you will know what makes a moving quote go up. Don’t hesitate to ask anything you want to know. You deserve to have all questions answered before you sign a contract with a particular company. Remember to entrust your move only to skilled professionals.  Your best interest is their priority and you deserve to have a great moving journey.