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The relocation process entails a series of nerve-wracking and time-consuming tasks and activities. No matter how organized and meticulous you may be, there is always an unforeseen circumstance to hamper your move. And moving to or from a big and hilly place such as San Francisco can sometimes make things more complicated. In this instance, finding the best movers San Francisco Bay area offers is imperative. Equally important is to get a precise San Francisco moving quote before the move. Moving professionals from Zapt Movers will give you more insight into getting the right cost estimate.

Get a precise San Francisco moving quote before the move

Before hiring the best furniture movers San Francisco offers, you need to be aware of what you expect your movers to do. Some companies offer various moving-related services, and not every relocation costs the same. In order to obtain an accurate moving estimate, you must know which services you will be taking up. Just like all other tasks that moving involves, this one requires proper planning as well. Budget planning is one of the key things to handle before embarking on a relocation journey. But before planning a moving budget, you must find out all about your moving costs. Some factors that play an important role in getting an accurate moving estimate are as follows:

  • choose licensed and renowned movers
  • get an on-site estimate
  • make an inventory
  • declutter
  • choose a moving date
  • discuss additional services
a moving box on the table
Make sure to have a complete overview of your belongings and the entire moving process before asking for a quote

Choose a licensed and renowned moving company

Despite numerous well-known and reliable moving companies that have been in the business for a long time, there are still a certain number of those who are dishonest. These moving companies usually try to lure the customers with cheap quotes, and once the moving process starts they keep adding extra costs. Make sure to avoid this by hiring the renowned movers Redwood City. A reputable moving company possesses all the necessary documentation, licenses, and insurance. Also, good customer reviews are an index of the service the company provides. Be sure to do extensive research on the movers you are about to hire. A trustworthy moving company will never fail to provide you with an accurate estimate.

A recommendation from someone who has recently moved and hired a reliable moving company is also helpful. Once you find an esteemed company to handle your relocation, you can be sure that their moving estimate will be transparent and precise. All you need to do is have a clear overview of which services you need and what amount of your possessions you wish to relocate.

Get an on-site estimate

Fraudulent moving companies usually tend to give you moving estimates over the phone, without ever visiting your home prior to relocation. To avoid this, and to ensure you get the most accurate moving quotes San Francisco offers, request an on-site estimate. The moving staff will then be able to determine the weight of your belongings and the time needed for relocation. Also, they will know what equipment to use on your moving day and how many staff members to engage. All of these facts will help them produce the total costs of your relocation. Realistic estimates can be given only if the movers see your house in person. They will be able to check if there will be a lot of heavy lifting, bulky items, or stairs, which can all raise the cost of your move.

a man with a hat making an inventory of moving boxes
Reliable companies provide an on-site estimate and have good customer reviews

Make an inventory

Creating a list of all the items you are packing and moving will streamline your relocation process to a great extent. Once you settle into a new home it will be easier to keep track of all your belongings and determine if something got left out. Therefore, before hiring the best residential movers San Francisco, it is recommendable to make an inventory of all your belongings and break them down into categories. Also, a list of items that are not supposed to be moved can be helpful to your movers. A complete overview of all the items you wish to relocate will help movers make a more precise estimate of the moving costs.


Getting rid of the items you no longer need will leave you with more space in your new home, make your moving boxes lighter, and cut the moving costs. There are various ways to lose redundant items. You can set up a garage sale, sell your items online, give them away to friends and family, or donate them to a charity. Alternatively, you can rent a storage unit if you wish to keep some items, without moving them to a new place. Moving only the items you need will help movers give you a more precise estimate of your moving costs.

Choose a moving date

Have in mind that the price of your relocation depends on the moving date. If you are moving during the peak season, which includes summer, or on holidays or weekends, the moving costs will be higher than off-season or on workdays.

two people packing boxes and making an inventory
A list of your belongings will help both yourself and your movers during the relocation process

Discuss additional services

Other moving-related services such as packing unpacking, storage, commercial moving, and lost distance moving cost more, and it would be good to discuss them with your movers before the moving date comes. That is why it is important to have a moving plan and provide your movers with clear instructions and requests, with a view to getting a precise San Francisco moving quote before the move. Moving to or from San Francisco will be much easier with the right company and outstanding moving professionals handling your relocation process. Getting an accurate estimate will help you figure out how to adjust your budget to moving costs. With Zapt Movers dealing with your relocation, you will always have the correct information and outstanding service.