Hippest places in California for European digital nomads

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Knowing where to spend your time can seem difficult when you first make the decision to become a digital nomad. This choice is even more important for those looking to work remotely on a different continent. Therefore, many remote workers stay in one place for months at a time to immerse themselves in the culture. And from what professional movers San Francisco can tell, California attracts more and more European digital nomads every year. If you plan to become one of them, here’s a list of the hippest places in California for European digital nomads

What are digital nomads looking for in California?

Clients using moving services San Franscisco claim there are certain characteristics that make a city suitable for a digital nomad. Opinions differ, but in general, digital nomads prefer cities with a healthy work-life balance and plenty of entertainment opportunities. Moreover, for digital nomads, it’s also important that a place has a diverse selection of housing or accommodation options. Since they are not looking to buy a house in any particular place, they prefer cities with flexible short-term rentals. 

A group of friends working together from a bar
For digital nomads, it’s vital to find a hip coworking space with a fast internet connection.

Finally, a fast internet connection is also a must for workers with mobile lifestyles. Considering Bay Area’s reputation for high technology and innovation, it’s clear that California has a solid internet infrastructure. Therefore, it’s not a surprise many Europeans looking for a remote workplace decide to move to California for a while.  

San Francisco tops the list of hippest places in California for European digital nomads

While it’s true that San Francisco is an expensive place to live, it’s also famous for its affordable coworking spaces. Community is another important part of a successful digital nomad experience, and San Francisco is a true melting pot. Therefore, Europeans moving here to work remotely will feel at home here, while having the opportunity to meet different cultures. 

A woman looking at San Francisco, one of the hippest places in California for European digital nomads
Living in San Francisco offers many exciting opportunities to many people, including the European digital nomads.

It’s worth mentioning that San Francisco has an excellent international airport, allowing for quick entry and exit from the country. Furthermore, the city boasts great weather all year round, and there are numerous hikes, beaches, and outdoor events to enjoy! However, since it’s an attractive city for many different people, apartments in San Francisco rent out quite fast. Keeping that in mind, if you find an apartment that suits your lifestyle, call commercial movers San Francisco as soon as possible! 

South San Francisco also offers plenty of opportunities for digital nomads

Some European digital nomads are looking to get away from big city chaos but still prefer urban city living. According to people hiring movers South San Francisco, living in South San Francisco might be the right choice for them! Besides, the population of South San Francisco is quite diverse, so Europeans won’t have any trouble fitting in. 

Although housing expenses can be high, community and safety in this city are certainly advantageous. Moreover, in South San Francisco you can find larger flats for less money than in San Francisco. It’s also a plus that South San Francisco has a lovely residential area with a view of San Francisco Bay.

One of the hippest places in California for European digital nomads is Moss Beach

While the community of Moss Beach is quite small, there are plenty of good reasons to move here temporarily. The most obvious reason is access to spectacular ocean views and plenty of good beaches nearby. Therefore, expats looking to work remotely from the waterfront should get in touch with moving companies San Mateo county

A man working form the beach
If you move to Moss Beach to work remotely, this could be you.

If you ever get tired of Moss Beach, another beach city in Pacifica is just a 10-minute drive away. You could even drive half an hour to San Francisco for a fun night out! If that isn’t enough, here you can find some of the cheapest rental units in the area

Europeans will love working remotely from Burlingame

Digital nomads adore the posh and vibrant city of Burlingame, and there are many reasons why. First of all, it’s built-in European style, so remote workers from Europe will feel at home. Secondly, living just 10 minutes from the international airport will be a major advantage. Also, Burlingame is the final stop on the BART line, making it simple to travel back and forth. Finally, here you’ll never lack options for dining out, because there are so many restaurants in the city. 

Give living in Belmont a try

Belmont is a perfect city for people with flexible lifestyles who prefer comfort and a good night’s sleep. However, while Belmont can be quiet, there are still plenty of fun things to see and do in the city! For example, there are many scenic parks, coffee shops, and restaurants in this city. That means working in public will never be an issue for European digital nomads in Belmont! Keeping that in mind, asking reliable moving companies Belmont CA for assistance to move her might be the right choice. 

Menlo Park should also be on the list of hippest places in California for European digital nomads

Keeping in mind the proximity of the famous Stanford University campus, many IT companies operate in Menlo Park. So, it’s not surprising that digital nomads often hire movers Menlo Park to relocate to this innovative city. Besides the opportunities for creative brainstorming, Europeans will love Menlo Park’s wonderful climate and lovely parks. However, renting an apartment with all the facilities digital nomads need in this city might be expensive. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a sound financial strategy in place before moving to Menlo Park. 

So, you’ve made up your mind about becoming a digital nomad on the other side of the world. Now it’s time to find a place to settle temporarily, but where will you decide to fly off to? This list of hippest places in California for European digital nomads can clear those doubts for you!