How the Pros Pack Jewelry for Moving To SF

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    When people are moving, they usually worry about how to deal with bulky or fragile stuff. Packing and transporting breakables and furniture requires typically a lot of preparation, assistance from other people, organization, and packing material. But there are also other items one should pay special attention to. Valuables like jewelry need to be handled with utmost care. It doesn’t seem like a hard thing to pack, but no one wants to spend the first day in their new home untangling necklaces and bracelets. If you want to know how pros pack jewelry for moving to SF take some advice from moving professionals. One of the best moving companies San Francisco Bay area offers gives you some tips and tricks on the matter.

    How the pros pack jewelry for moving to SF

    If you are about to hire the top furniture movers San Francisco has, prepare your items for moving and transportation. The most important steps when preparing your jewelry for packing and moving are as follows:

    • clean the jewelry
    • make an inventory
    • find adequate container
    • hire reliable movers
    a bracelet and a necklace
    Moving is a great opportunity to clean your jewelry

    Clean the jewelry

    Before you start sorting and cleaning your jewelry, make sure you go through all the jewelry items you have and see which ones to get rid of. This decluttering process would include only chipped or broken items. Once you got rid of unusable pieces of jewelry, use this opportunity to clean them thoroughly. Remember that your jewelry needs to be cleaned and sorted before the arrival of the movers Redwood City you previously hired to assist you with relocation.

    Make an inventory

    Moving is a perfect opportunity for making a catalog of your jewelry. This way you will have a complete overview of your belongings and won’t have to worry that you will leave something behind. After your residential movers San Francisco pack your boxes and transport them to a new home, it will be easier to sort your jewelry with the help of the inventory.

    Find adequate containers

    If you still have the original casing of your jewelry, that would be the best container to pack your valuables in. However, if this is not the case, you may use other types of boxes. Ziploc bags are very practical for packing jewelry. Also, to prevent bracelets and necklaces from tangling, use a jewelry roll to wrap pieces around it. As for earrings, you can hook them through buttons, cardboard pieces, or foam. You can also wrap individual items into packing paper. After sorting out all your household and personal items, call professional movers and get the best moving quotes San Francisco offers.

    a woman sitting at the table showing how to pack jewelry for moving to SF
    The original jewelry case is the best packing material

    Hire reliable movers

    To keep your valuables safe during relocation, make sure to hire the best movers San Francisco has. Zapt Movers will handle your belongings with the utmost care, and your only task is to pack jewelry for moving to SF like a pro, to make the process of unpacking and settling in go smoothly.