How to baby-proof your new Santa Clara home

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Having a newborn is hard, but moving to a completely new and unsecured home is another thing you should consider when moving. For moving, you can always hire some of the moving companies San Francisco offers. Try to find a reliable company so you can think about and prepare your new home for your arrival with a baby. To learn how to baby-proof your new Santa Clara home, continue reading.

Should you baby-proof your new Santa Clara home?

If you are wondering if you should baby-proof your new home after moving, the answer is definitely yes. The new home is not only new for your baby but for you as well. So, it is an unfamiliar and unsafe space for the baby. So, once your long distance movers San Francisco offers finish their work and relocate your stuff, your task is to make that space safe for your baby.

kids playing in the room
Make a corner in the living room for your kid.

Toddlers are unpredictable and it is more likely for them to get hurt by failing, to get wounds from fire or some dangerous substances. So, to prevent additional worries and unpredicted wounds, you should make sure your home is a safe place for your toddler or infant. The first thing you should do when you arrive in your new home is to determine all reasonable hazards for your child and then secure these parts so that they become safe for kids. Here are some steps:

  • first, locate the potential danger and eradicate it, as previously said
  • start by securing the baby’s room
  • move on to other rooms in the house
  • hire skilled movers that will handle your relocation while you are making baby-proof your new Santa Clara home

Start by securing the nursery

If you have a toddler, you should start by securing his room first. If you took packing services San Francisco movers offer before you came to your new home, you can ask them to help you with unpacking, too. A lot of moving companies offer this service. It will make your life easier not to carry and unpack everything by yourself. They can help you set up your entire home. Once the unpacking is done, you can move to your new task – baby-proofing your little one’s room.

baby on the floor
Add rugs in every room to cushion against potential falls.

This can take a while so it would be good to have someone to take care of your child until you finish this task. You can hire a babysitter if you don’t have some friends or family around to help you. If you don’t hire professionals to help you with unpacking, there will be boxes all around the house. So, you need to unpack everything, set up the baby’s room, and then cover all the sharp corners and electrical outlets. Place a thick piece of carpet or a rug to cushion falls.

Securing the rest of the home

When you have a toddler in the house, you can never be cautious enough. Once the unpacking is done remove all the boxes, clutter, and unnecessary items. Place safety gates at the entrance or exit to any room that’s off-limits to your baby, secure windows, and fix if there are some damaged ones. If you have plants, make sure they are not poisonous or toxic. Cover radiators and heating vents to prevent burns. When you unpack everything and set up each room in the house, take a look and you can write down all the things that could potentially be dangerous to your child. Write down what you should be covered or secured

Living room

You can make a small corner for your kid, and adapt it to its needs but secure the entire room, not just that small corner. You already know that your child won’t spend time just in that one part of the room. Remove all the small items, and secure everything to the wall, including your TV to prevent it from falling on your child. You can place bigger items on the bottom shelves. To avoid collision with furniture maybe you should avoid furniture with sharp edges if that is possible of course. If not, place a corner guard on the sharp edges.

If you have blinds on windows, make sure they are cordless because this can be interesting for the kids but also dangerous. Also, hide all the wires and cables.

mom with kids and boxes
Remove all the boxes and unnecessary items.

Baby-proof your new Santa Clara home’s kitchen and bathroom

Next stop – kitchen. As we already said, your child won’t be sitting in one place, so you should babyproof the kitchen as well, especially if you have an open-concept space where the kitchen is easily accessible to your little one. Lock all your cabinets and drawer. If you have spices or vinegar on the bottom shelves, move them to the higher shelves. Add covers to your stove to prevent your baby from burning wounds.

If you have magnets as a memory from your travels, place them higher, too. Remove all the cleaning products from the baby’s access. Some rugs would be preferable as well but place nonskid pads under rugs. If your garbage bin is in the kitchen, make sure your baby can’t open it.

When it comes to securing your bathroom it needs special attention since this is the place where you keep your cleaning substances, medicaments, and all kinds of chemicals that can be very dangerous for kids. Keep away soap, and lock the toilet. Whatever you notice that is a potential danger for your children should be removed, locked, or secured.

Once everything is done and you secured all important parts, take a look one more time to check if everything is adapted for your toddler. You can prepare for this even before the relocation by following our tips but to relocate your belonging, hire movers Santa Clara residents highly recommend. In this way, your relocation will be much smoother.

Moving is hard by itself and it is even more challenging with a baby. So, we hope these tips to baby-proof your new Santa Clara home will help you keep your toddler safe.