How to get discounts when moving long distance

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There is a variety of moving discounts. Some of them are well presented or even advertised. And, some of them are actually hidden. Well, there are many expenditures connected to moving. And you can see them clearly when drafting the moving budget. You can also see that long distance moving is more costly than a local relocation. So, every help is welcome. And, if you can decrease your overall moving cost using various discounts, why not? Following the advice of Zapt Movers, we were able to track down ways to get discounts when moving long distance. And, we are now sharing that advice with you.

Get discounts when moving long distance

Long distance moving is usually a costly endeavor. And the further you move, the more expensive it will be. You have probably heard of moving discounts. But, maybe you don’t know how to get them. If so, this article will help you to identify them. And to learn about the ways to get various discounts.

However, when looking for the best deals, make sure you are dealing with the right service providers. And that the discount campaign for moving is still valid. Also, check if the offers are applicable for long distance moves and the size of your move. And, check if they apply to first-time movers. Only when you are satisfied with the findings, you can sign the contract.

Person Signing Document because he was able to get discounts when moving long distance
Before signing a contract, make sure the discount campaign is still valid.

Where and how to find the best moving discounts?

There are various discounts. And various ways to get them. Some of them will depend on your status. For example, you can get a moving discount if you are a senior citizen, active military personnel, or a student. You can also get a discount on moving due to membership in certain associations.

So, there are various types of moving discounts. And many moving companies offer various special offers. So, when you need the services of long distance movers San Francisco, don’t hesitate to ask about possible discounts. They will do a check. And they will tell you which discounts you qualify for. Types of moving discounts include:

  • senior discounts
  • students’ & teachers’ discounts
  • discounts for military personnel
  • law enforcement and first responders discounts
  • membership discounts
  • off-season discounts
  • referral discounts
  • repeat customer discounts
  • cash discounts
  • discounts for church members
  • using moving coupons

So, when you are moving long distance, and you meet some of the above conditions, don’t forget to mention them to your mover. That way you will be sure to get a discount. Otherwise, the movers may not know that you are qualified. For example, if you don’t tell them, they won’t know that you are a member of an association.

Ways to get discounts when moving long distance

When you play your cards right when negotiating with movers, you may be able to get a special deal. It will help you save hundreds of dollars on your upcoming long distance move. Besides that, you can also ensure getting a discount in several more ways.

  1. plan your move for the off-season period
  2. check the websites and social media pages of various movers
  3. obtain several cost estimations from reliable companies, such as movers Santa Clara
  4. always ask your movers if they have some discounts
  5. declutter your possessions
  6. use moving coupons
Moving truck in winter conditions
Out-of-season relocation is always cheaper.

Off-season moving is cheaper

If that is possible, plan your long distance move for the off-season period. Namely, in the period between October to April, fewer people are moving. So, you can find trustworthy moving companies offering lower moving rates.

Check the websites and social media pages of reliable movers

How this can help you to decrease the costs of your long-distance move? Well, the thing is that movers are posting special offers on their pages and website. So, once you find discount offers, special offers, printable coupons, etc., you will have to make an additional step. And, that is to check the moving company. Check the reviews, complaint history, USDOT number, etc. Caution is required as fraudsters often use this method to attract clients. If the company is reliable, contact them for further arrangements.

Get cost estimations from several moving companies offering long-distance services

Once you get the offers, compare them. However, before going for the cheapest moving offer, check the companies. Only once you are certain they are trustworthy and reliable, negotiate your move with them. Besides the moving prices, check also the rates for accessorial services, special conditions, valuation coverage, etc.

Don’t forget to ask your movers about possible discounts

The thing is that your mover might be offering certain discounts. However, without asking them, you may miss the opportunity. For example, when you are dealing with moving services San Francisco providers, they can’t know if you are a student, teacher, military member, etc. Or, if you are entitled to a discount based on some other conditions. Only after showing them the respective documents, you will be granted the discount.

Woman sorting clothes.
Decluttering, you will pay less for transportation costs.

Decluttering will make your move cheaper

By getting rid of the things you don’t need, the size of your move will be smaller. Automatically, your moving expenditures will be lower. As we could already see, your long distance move will always depend on the distance traveled and the weight you are moving.Moreover, you can sell surplus things which are in good condition. So, you can even earn by doing a throughout decluttering.

Using moving coupons

You can also collect or purchase some moving coupons. And you can use them to obtain a certain discount when moving. However, always check the coupon expiry date. If you are not moving in that period, they would be worthless.

Additional ways to save money when moving long distance

In general, long distance moving is not so cheap. So, many people are interested in how to get discounts when moving long distance. We have presented here the major ways to decrease your moving costs. However, besides discounts, you can also find some other ways to decrease the overall moving costs. For example, by getting second-hand packing material, you can do considerable savings. You can also get some of them for free. Or you can enlist help from friends and relatives, to help you with packing. And, once again, we have to stress to always check the moving companies before going for attractive discounts. Make sure the companies are reliable. And they are not misusing discounts to attract over-trusting customers.