How to pack Halloween costumes without damaging them

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With the advent of Halloween, everyone is preparing their costumes for the holiday. Having a costume ready is, after all, a longtime tradition and it will get you in the spirit of the event. But if you are in the middle of the relocating process, you might have another thing to worry about. And that is how to pack Halloween costumes without damaging them. In this article, brought to you by Zapt Movers, we will guide you through the process by detailing what you can do with each costume piece. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

How to pack Halloween costumes without damaging them?

As Halloween costumes come in all shapes and sizes, it is important to “categorize” them before we start explaining. Therefore, we will be dividing the costumes into the following categories:

  • Full costumes (dresses, suits, etc.)
  • Fragile decorations
  • Bulky pieces
  • Small items
  • Makeup

While there are, undoubtedly, many more categories that are possible, these will cover most of the costumes that you may need to pack. If you need to pack anything that we haven’t covered, you can always hire one of the moving services San Francisco offers to get the job done. But for the most part, you will not need them. By reading through some of our ideas, you may figure out a way to pack and transport the other bits, too.

scene from a Halloween haunted house
Halloween costumes can get pretty elaborate, it would be a shame if they get damaged.

How to pack Halloween costumes without damaging them – Full costumes

If you have a full-body costume of any sort, it is quite dangerous to fold it and pack it inside a standard suitcase or a bag. Doing so can damage and wrinkle the costume. It may be a real PITA to iron a Halloween costume, so you really don’t want to be doing that if you really don’t have to.

You want to be transporting your costumes in dress bags. These bags are specially made to pack wedding dresses and, therefore, have a lot of room for Halloween costumes. Do note that the bag itself is quite heavy and that you may want to keep it as lightly packed as possible. There will be plenty of space inside but you might want to refrain from putting anything else inside than the costume itself. You can buy these from any wedding store or as part of the packing services San Francisco has on offer. Make sure that you get a slightly larger bag, as you don’t want to squeeze the costume in.

Fragile decorations

When it comes to your smaller “props” or any pieces that attach to the costume itself, you will want to utilize layers of protection. This means that you are going to put layers of fabric between each piece, maximizing the protection. You can also opt to use hard shell suitcases for transport, as they will further protect the fragile items inside.

layers of fabric - a great way to pack Halloween costumes without damaging them
Layers of fabric will help you keep your costumes intact.

Another way that you can transport these items is if you have any furniture with storage compartments. Furniture is stable and sturdy and will not move much during transport. Therefore, your fragile items will be safe and sound inside. And if you are using the services of one of the furniture movers San Francisco has, you can all but guarantee that nothing will happen to your costume decorations. Simply let professional movers do their thing and everything is going to be fine.

Bulky pieces

If you happen to have any bulky pieces, such as anything made from foam or similar, you can use a simple plastic traveling tote. You will want to get one that can lock the lid onto the base. This will make it so you can stack several of these boxes one on top of another. If you have to transport a lot of Halloween costumes, these boxes can be a godsend.

Do note, however, that these boxes can be quite large. If you are planning on transporting them on your own, they will take up quite a bit of storage space. If you are using the services of a professional mover, you will not need to worry.

How to pack Halloween costumes without damaging them – Small items

Items such as gloves, jewelry pieces, masks, and similar, can be stored in wigs. You most likely have some as part of your Halloween ensemble, and they can double up as a storage container. They will keep all the small items together, allowing for easier transport. If you don’t happen to have any wigs, you can use socks for very much the same purpose. You might need to fill up quite a bit of them but they will do the job just fine.

Packing makeup

Almost every Halloween costume uses makeup at some point. If you have a lot of it, you will need to invest in a traveling case of some sort. While you can use specialized ones, ordinary travel cases will do the job just fine. As an added benefit, it will be easy to find anything that you need in a pinch, as everything is going to be in one place!

two people wearing Halloween makeup
Every Halloween costume is made better with some makeup!

Your traveling case will need to have a lot of compartments, though, and you might want to get one with a large strap. That will make carrying a lot of makeup (and perhaps a few other things) much easier. If you plan on carrying these on your own, every little bit helps. And if you are going to give them to your movers, they will know how to keep them safe.

What to do if the costumes do get damaged?

Even despite your best efforts, it is always possible for your Halloween costumes to incur at least some damage. While this is indeed unfortunate, it is not the end of the world. What you can do is check out if there are any cosplay repair centers nearby, as they will usually have everything you might need. You can utilize Twitter and Instagram for this purpose, as that might be the best way of finding friendly cosplayers near you. You can also try to find a shop that repairs costumes, but those are few and far between these days.

The best thing to do is not to get into this situation of course. If you pack Halloween costumes without damaging them, you will not need to repair them, simple as that.