How to pack large furniture when moving to San Francisco?

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However exciting moving to a new place might be, it presents a range of challenges. An integral part of relocating is packing. And while decluttering your home and boxing up your items may seem like a drag, it’s the large and heavy furniture pieces that will require your special attention. The seasoned moving experts at Zapt Movers are always ready and at your service to handle your entire moving process for your ultimate benefit. However, if you decide to leave only the heavy lifting and logistics part in the hands of our pros, you’ll need to do the rest yourself. If you’re looking for some expert tips on how to pack large furniture when moving to San Francisco effectively, you’ll find them in the text that follows. So, take note, and ensure you have your large chattels safely prepared for the road.

Pack large furniture when moving to San Francisco and ensure optimal protection

Most furniture pieces are bulky and substantially heavy. And this is not the only thing that makes them difficult to move. Despite the size, most of these items are fragile and have a delicate finish that is easy to scratch, wear or damage otherwise. The ideal way to prepare your sizeable furniture for your move to The Golden City is to leave it in the dexterous hands of pro packers. Expert packing services San Francisco are the most reliable solution for the safe journey of your furnishings. Professional packers possess skills adequate for the optimal handling of a diverse range of items. They also have the adequate tools for the job. Hence, this will benefit you time-wise as well. Besides, you can have peace of mind knowing that your large, delicate furniture is provided with the best care, and will reach your new place undamaged.

However, if you decide to handle the packing of your cumbersome furniture for the move to San Francisco yourself, here’s how to do it:

  • Figure out the logistics before you pack large furniture when moving to San Francisco
  • Clean your furniture items
  • Stock up on packing materials
  • Disassemble what you can
  • Tips for packing your furniture like a pro
Two people packing a piece of furniture
Get a supply of quality packing materials to ensure an effective packing project

Secure the transportation of your items

No matter if your move to San Francisco is a local or long-distance relocation project, you’ll need solid pro assistance to see it through with ease. Hence, no matter if you’re packing your massive pieces yourself, someone needs to help you with the heavy lifting. Besides, you’ll need to secure the proper vehicle for the transfer as well. There are a lot of moving parts that you’ll need to figure. So, instead of creating unnecessary worries for yourself, book your moving services San Francisco and know where are you standing. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about risking moving-related injuries, costly damages to your property and furniture, and precious time investment in securing the necessary moving resources. With this vital part of your move sorted, you can tackle the preparations of your large furniture for your San Francisco relocation with more focus and a far better outcome.

Clean your furniture before proceeding with packing

First thing first, you’ll need to dust off your chattels and give them a good clean. While having them squeaky clean isn’t essential, you should remove any dust and other particles from inside out your items. This is because dirt can act as an abrasive, and due to friction while in motion it will cause damages to the surface of your furniture. You can also consider rubbing a thin layer of furniture wax. This isn’t necessary, but it will add an extra layer of protection against scratches, cracks, and wear, just in case. After you’re done with this important step, you’re ready to proceed to the next part of preparing your bulky items for their transfer to San Francisco.

A couple during their moving preparations
Protect the delicate surfaces of your furnishings from abrasions by cleaning them before packing

Pack large furniture when moving to San Francisco with your supplies on hand

As you’re preparing for the packing part, it’s good to create an inventory. So, list all pieces of furniture you’ll be transferring, to stay on track during the hectic move. This list will also help you when you’re shopping for packing materials. To effectively protect your furniture when you move, make a point to gather packing supplies of good quality. To wrap up your large furniture pieces when you’re moving to San Francisco consider supplying the following essentials:

  • Furniture blankets
  • Shrink wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Pieces of this cardboard in various sizes
  • Durable packing tape

Disassemble large pieces to pack and move them safely

Moving your furniture means you’ll need to disassemble at least the extra-large pieces. First of all, this is to ensure that you’ll be able to fit them out the door. Hence, do your due diligence, and use some tape to take measurements. This way you’ll be able to figure the best plan of action.

Further, it’s much safer to move delicate furnishings into smaller pieces, rather than a whole bulky item. Hence, equip yourself with the right tools, and roll up your sleeves for some disassembling action. This will enable you to pack your large furniture pieces easier. So, pull out the appropriate manuals, and follow the disassembling instructions. If you aren’t sure on how to handle this safely, it’s best to call your furniture movers San Francisco and benefit from their expert assistance and tools.

Also, coordinate your actions with your mover. Some of them will advise you to keep the drawer packed with clothes, for instance. Depending on the exact type of furniture you’re moving, this of course might not be the case. Additionally, don’t forget to remove any fragile parts, like glass tops or showcases. As you go on with the disassembling of your large furniture, pack each part individually. Besides, designate a plastic bag for each item and label it clearly. In these, you should place the screws as you’ll need them later for the reassembling of your furnishings.

A person lifting a leg of a furniture - pack large furniture when moving to San Francisco
Pack large furniture when moving to San Francisco with special attention to the vulnerability of its legs and other protruding parts

How to pack large furniture when moving to San Francisco?

Furniture comes in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Therefore, packing your large pieces of furniture for your move to San Francisco requires individual considerations for each item. However, there are some general handling techniques to ensure optimal protection. Our experts will share the most important ones below:

  • Protect your doors and walls. Even if you disassemble all of your furnishings, you’ll still need to move some bulky and heavy pieces around. So, protect your property from damages, especially the door frames and walls in narrow hallways. You can secure some moving or ordinary blankets over these surfaces, to render adequate protection from chipping them, and your furniture.
  • Protect the corners of your furniture. The perturbing parts are the most prone to damage. Hence, place thick cardboard protectors, or wrap them with lots of bubble wrap.
  • Keep the furniture legs protected. Most furniture pieces will allow these to be detached from the body. However, some items don’t. Hence, much like with the corners, pay special attention to the legs when you pack large furniture before moving to San Francisco.
  • Don’t use packing tape or bubble wrap directly on the surface. Speaks for itself, doesn’t it? The stickiness of these will easily ruin the finish of your delicate furniture. And so, this is why you need plenty of packing paper, that goes under the bubble wrap.
  • Secure doors, drawers, and panels. Use straps, or ample layers of shrink wrap to secure the loose parts from opening up and sustaining damages in the moving vehicle.
  • Cover all surfaces completely. Last but not least, ensure your furniture is completely wrapped up in protective packing materials when you’re packing it for the transfer to San Francisco.

In summary

Your furniture is what makes your home a home. Therefore, all of these items are precious pieces that deserve the best care you can provide them with. The optimal way for this is to rely upon the qualified help of our team and ensure the adequate safety and protection of your belongings. However, if you take the DIY route, the aforementioned tips on how to pack large furniture when moving to San Francisco will have you well on the project. Good luck.