How to pack your electronics for relocation in Northern California

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    It is hard to imagine a day without using at least one electronic device. Whether that be a phone, laptop, or TV, everyone is using electronic devices quite frequently. You even use them to find and contact Zapt Movers. However, when you need to organize a relocation, you need to take special care of your electronic devices. They can be easily damaged if not properly packed or mishandled. For this reason, here is how you should pack your electronics for relocation in Northern California. Even though it is fairly easy to replace any electronic device, it can be quite expensive. Therefore, you should ensure their safety during relocation as well. 

    Move and pack your electronics for relocation in Northern California with or without professional help? 

    It can be quite expensive to organize a relocation. On the same note, it can be quite costly to replace all the items that might get damaged during relocation. One of those expensive items will definitely be your electronic devices. Most computers and laptops are quite pricey. For this reason, you should see if you want to hire professionals to help you or not. It is always better to have professional moving help. After all, movers should know how to properly pack every type of item that you might have, including electronics. If you have enough time and energy, you should search for moving costs San Francisco and see how much your relocation would be. The best way to do it would be to contact several moving companies and ask for their quote. After this, you can hire the most affordable and reputable moving company. 

    woman working on the laptop
    You should find movers to relocate your electronics

    Make a backup of all data and files 

    After you hire moving companies Palo Alto, you should make a backup of all the data and files that you have on your electronic devices. Why is it important to back up all the important data? Even though most computers and laptops nowadays are adequately protected, you never can be too safe. You can hire a moving company, pack your laptops well, and something still can happen. In the worst case, your electronic devices might go missing, get misplaced, stolen, or damaged. If something like this happens to your devices, you can’t longer access your important data. For this reason, it would be smart to buy external storage and make a backup of all the data and files. This is quite easy to do. After you make a backup of everything, you should keep that external storage close to you. 

    Disassemble and pack your electronics for relocation in Northern California 

    Before you move or store any of your electronics, it is important to disassemble them. Of course, this doesn’t mean taking them apart literally but removing certain parts. Here is what you need to do. 

    • Remove the batteries – it is extremely important to remove all the batteries from any electronic devices that you want to move. If you are going to use packing services San Francisco, movers will check if there are any batteries inside. Batteries can cause corrosion that can destroy electronic components. 
    • Take out any loose media – this includes all the removable parts such as DVDs, games, and so on. They can deform if you leave them in your device 
    • Detach all the wires and accessories – you should also detach all wires and accessories before you pack your electronic devices. Prolonged contact can cause problems and damage. 
    phone on the book
    Disconnect all the additional accessories before packing your electronics for relocation in Northern California

    Use the original packaging 

    When it’s time to pack your electronic devices, it would be wise to use the original packaging. There is nothing better than packing your electronic devices in their original packaging. Original boxes are made specifically for one electronic device. They contain pre-shaped foam pieces and custom inserts to keep your device from shifting during transport. For this reason, they are the best and most ideal form of packaging for relocation and storage. This is why all electronic experts are saying that you should always keep the original box of your electronic device. In addition to this, original boxes can help with resale value. If one day you plan to sell your electronic devices, you can ask for more money if you have the original box as well. Therefore, next time you buy a new electronic device, make sure to keep their original box somewhere for another use. 

    Pack your electronics for relocation in Northern California without original packaging 

    If you don’t longer have the original boxes, don’t worry. There are other options available for you as well. You can contact your furniture movers San Francisco and see if they are selling or renting out large boxes. It is important to get boxes large enough to hold your electronic devices together with Styrofoam packing peanuts on all sides. It would be smart to have at least two inches of space on all sides of the electronic device. In addition to this, you can also add silica gel. Silica gel will absorb all the excess moisture. As you might know, moisture can collect during transport and it will cause corrosion on all the metal parts. For this reason, it is important to properly protect your electronic devices. Make sure not to put all the electronic devices into one box. This can also cause damage to your items.

    people carrying the box
    Get the large boxes for your electronics


    Additional protection 

    When you need to pack electronics for relocation in Northern California, you also need to protect the fan from dust. You should wrap computer monitors and TVs with bubble wrapping. If you don’t have enough bubble wrapping, you can use towels or tape paper over fans and vents. This will prevent particles of dust to collect on the fans and vents of your electronic devices. Lastly, you can also use move blankets for large flat-screen TVs that don’t fit into moving boxes. Don’t store them flat or put anything on the screen since this can cause damage during transport.