How to Unpack Efficiently After Moving to California

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After you relocate all your belongings to your new California home, you’ll face the final phase of your move. Unpacking can be just as hard and time-consuming as the packing was. But, some hacks can help you unpack efficiently after moving to California. The best is to hire movers San Francisco and let them deal with the unpacking part. There is no question about how exhausting the relocation is. You surely deserve peace of mind after your relocation to California. However, it’s also legit to try to cut your expenses and unpack by yourself. Be careful not to make a clutter by opening all the boxes randomly. Make a plan and the system and stick to it. We can show you how to unpack gradually to avoid mess and stress.

Where to start and what to unpack first?

It would be ideal if you tag all your boxes before the move. Write what’s inside the box and in which room to place it. That will ease the process and reduce the clutter. Once you step into your new home, set the priorities and make an unpacking schedule. The better you organize quicker it will be over. You might want to rest first, but don’t postpone unpacking for too long. At least unpack necessities to get you started. Involve all your family members and split the chores. If you change your mind, moving services San Francisco are worth every penny. Whatever you decide, these general tips for efficient unpacking can help.

Wooden scramble tiles on the white surface.
Plan how to unpack efficiently after moving to California.
  • Make a detailed plan and unpack gradually with the system. 
  • Find and set aside essential boxes and bags. Open these before everything else. 
  • Clean the place before you start unpacking. 
  • Assemble and place the bulky furniture and carpets. 
  • Start unpacking room by room to avoid mess. Have your family members unpack their rooms. 
  • Try to organize the items and put them in their place as soon as you unpack them. 

The first you should unpack is the essentials box

If you want to unpack efficiently after moving to California, you should prepare a box with essential items before you move. Or you can hire and let the movers Menlo Park unpack for you. That’s how you’ll have all your necessary items on hand at every step of the move. The box should contain the basic items you use every day. Prepare and store in toiletries, clean clothes, medications, chargers, some basic tools, and linen. You might want to add important documents, such as the contract lease and medical documentation. Don’t forget the cleaning products and cloth. Maybe you’ll need to clean the place before you start unpacking. Also, prepare some dishes, like a few coffee mugs, plates, and cutlery. That’s about everything you’re going to need at first. The rest you’ll find in your previously labeled boxes. 

Assemble and place your furniture

Hopefully, you’ve already seen the layout of your new home. So you surely have an idea about how everything should look. If you haven’t thought about that yet, try using the apps to design your new home. One of the best home design free apps is Homestyler. It’ll help you arrange your home in 3D. Or you can rearrange your furniture onsite. Don’t wait up after you unpack, do it before while you have enough space. You’ll need some help and tools for this task, a drill, screwdriver, hammer, etc. That can take some time, so be patient. Also, it requires some skills and effort, so if you’re not up for it, your movers can do it for you. That would be a good moment for installing additional shelves and organizers in your closets. 

Woman holding screwdriver and assembling the table.
It takes some skills and effort to assemble your furniture.

Start unpacking your boxes room by room

This step is crucial to avoid clutter and the stress that follows. You might want to go with the flow and unpack everything that comes your way. Resist that urge and try to unpack as planned. Necessities and priorities first, room by room. Now is the time for your family members to step in and help you. Assign everyone to unpack their rooms. Since the furniture is already assembled and placed, unpacking should go easy. Try to organize and sort items as you unpack, to avoid creating a mess. With every unpacked box, you’ll feel more relieved. A common attitude is you should unpack the kitchen first, and the bedrooms and bathrooms after. The truth is this depends on your priorities and needs at a given time. 

Leave your utility rooms for the last

Utility areas should be unpacked the last, such as garages, attics, sheds, and pantries. They are not a priority and you can postpone unpacking them. Utility rooms can wait a few days, so save your energy for main rooms. You should only unpack tools and materials for housework. Everything else can wait, including your garden furniture and items for your balcony and backyard. In case you need additional storage, you might want to organize your garage. You can also consider hiring movers Foster City and check out their storage units. 

Leave your basement for the end if you want to unpack efficiently after moving to California.
Utility rooms are not the priority, so unpack them the last.

Follow the tips for efficient unpacking

The worse thing you can do is to start unpacking randomly. That might result in such a mess which could prolong the whole unpacking process. You want everything to be over as soon as possible. So follow these several tips to unpack efficiently after moving to California. Start with basics, and then unpack a room at the time. You’ll have to vacuum and clean your place before unpacking. Once you place your furniture and carpets, you’re halfway toward finishing. Then it’s only left to open the boxes and sort your items. That way you’ll gradually unpack and organize as you unpack. It’ll give you a sense of order and efficiency. And before you know it, the last phase of your relocation will be over.