Is it hard to find a job after moving to San Francisco?

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San Francisco is well known for welcoming people from different areas. So, no wonder that its population is steadily growing. All those people have various reasons to move to SF. Some of them are moving after getting an attractive job offer. The others are moving after changing their marital status. Or for other family reasons. Among them are also those who have lost a job. Or looking for better career opportunities. This brings us to a question – is it hard to find a job after moving to San Francisco? Well, that will largely depend on your field, education, and level of experience. Nevertheless, it is comforting to know that SF has a low percentage of unemployment. And that you can count on Zapt Movers for easy and carefree relocation.

Is it hard to find a job after moving to San Francisco?

Due to the vicinity of Silicon Valley, it is no wonder that many tech companies have their HQs in San Francisco. So, in case you have an IT diploma, you will have a chance to find good employment. Well, we all could witness how the layoffs took the Bay Area by storm in 2022. And, according to economists, the forecast for 2023 is pretty grim. Overall, people employed in the tech sector may continue to lose jobs.

Group of people discussing how to find a job after moving to San Francisco.
Having a degree and experience in the tech sector, you will still be able to secure a good job.

However, regardless of massive layoffs, other jobs are continuously opening in the Bay Area. So, the experts are of opinion that the overall employment will eventually reach the pre-pandemic level. And, having a degree and experience in the tech sector, you will still be able to secure a good job.

San Francisco has diverse industries and employers

Although best known as a hometown for IT, software, and social & digital media, SF has many other industries. And, regardless of the recent events, SF still has an unemployment rate of 3.0%. That is even lower than the 3.6% national average. Therefore, after you arrive, with the assistance of long distance movers San Francisco, you can expect to find a job rather soon.

Other industries and employers

San Francisco’s economy includes a broad array of industries. And, some industries are constantly facing a shortage of the workforce. So, you can easily find a job in one of the following industries:

  • Finance and real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality and entertainment
  • Education
  • Transportation

But, the salaries they offer are not so high. And it is well known that San Francisco is the second most expensive city in the US. In case you are living with family, and other members are also working, you will be able to meet ends. Otherwise, you can accept a job in one of those industries temporarily. That is to say, until you find some better-paid one.

Blue-collar jobs that grant excellent income

You might be skilled in construction works, maintenance, and repair jobs. If so, you will easily find excellent-paid jobs in SF. It can also happen that you will get more offers than you can accept. The thing is that you will not have high competition. And, there is a constant shortage of good craftsmen.

Costs of living in San Francisco

Before we continue discussing the employment possibilities, let us briefly see the SF costs of living. Living in SF is not cheap. The city has about 866,000 residents. The median home value is $1,194,500. And, 62% of residents rent. So, let us see the rental prices that you should expect:

  • Studio apartment – $2,195
  • 1-bedroom apartment- $3,095
  • 2-bedroom apartment – $4,195
  • 3-bedroom apartment – $4,950
A Real Estate Agent Showing the House Interior.
Renting in San Francisco is not cheap.

The median household income is $126,187. And, it is sufficient to cover the basic costs of living. So, in case you find cheaper accommodation in one of the SF suburbs, don’t hesitate to contact residential movers San Francisco. The cheaper accommodation will help you improve your overall financial situation.

In which industries you can find a job after moving to San Francisco?

Without a doubt, SF is a renowned hub for the incubation and development of emerging markets. However, several SF sectors already have a strong market presence. Those sectors are:

  • IT & software
  • Social & digital media
  • Life sciences & biotech
  • Environmental & cleantech sector

IT & software

SF is home to numerous IT & software companies. And, the sector is supported by the largest number of research universities and federal research institutions in the nation. They have produced more Ph.D. scientists and engineers than any other area in the nation. So, regardless of the present seatback, it is expected that SF will remain a haven for IT and software innovations

Social & digital media

SF is also a hub for digital entertainment companies. And, there are presently more than 300 digital media companies. Some of them are Youtube, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Twitter, Dolby Laboratories, Pixar, Sony, and many more.

So, if this is the right sector for you, follow the job openings and hire movers Hayward CA. Or even better, find university colleagues, and ex-co-workers, and ask them to inform you of the job opening before it is advertised. So, you can apply in advance. Even better, they can hand over your CV and cover letter to their superiors. Using such networking, you are standing a better chance to get a dream job faster.

Life sciences & biotech are good sectors to find a job after moving to San Francisco

San Francisco is the birthplace of the contemporary biotech industry. Besides, it is home to numerous life science companies. And, the city also hosts four major universities that have biotech programs:

  • Stanford University,
  • UC Berkeley
  • UC San Francisco
  • University of San Francisco
Close-Up View of a Person Examining a Microscope Slide.
San Francisco is the birthplace of the contemporary biotech industry.

Environmental & cleantech sector

The need to preserve the environment from further pollution resulted in the founding of the cleantech industries. Their main goal is to efficiently utilize natural resources. And to help the economy make the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources. If this is the field you are qualified for, you won’t have a problem finding an excellent job opportunity in SF. Namely, there are over 250 cleantech companies in the city area.

Finding a job in San Francisco

As we could see, the job market is a bit turbulent at the time being. However, if you check the job market, you will find many openings. So, it is possible to find a job after moving to San Francisco. In some cases, you will hit the right one immediately. In others, you will have to accept some temporary employment, waiting to get the right job. Besides, instead of waiting when moving to a new city, you can start searching for a job in advance. That way, you will have a job secured even before arriving in SF. Or to some other city.