Is Mountain View a good place for seniors to move to

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So you’ve decided to move to Moutain View. So today we will discuss is Mountain View a good place for seniors to move to. We as one of the leading moving companies San Francisco would like to answer that for you. We’ll provide you with the pros and cons of why living is or isn’t suitable for seniors in Moutain View. So let’s take a deeper look together and let’s dive in!

Why is Mountain View a good place for seniors to move to

Will start with some pros, one of them is the cost of living, without rent. As you know seniors have only one stream of income – pension so they don’t have any other way to earn money. That’s why this matters the most. Prices have skyrocketed across the state since the tensions escalated in Europe, but most likely it’s due to overprinting money during the pandemic. Now in December 2022 and during this whole year, we’re experiencing “stagflation”. For seniors, this must’ve been hard but here in Mountain View cost of living is $838 (again it’s without rent). Which is okay when we look at other places, especially in California. Movers Mountain View will tell you that they’re moving mostly seniors here since the average salary is just $3764 after tax.  Which is nothing for California.

A person holding a dollar bill;
Living is affordable in Mountain View.

Now another important factor is that the crime levels are really low and that’s crucial for senior citizens. It’s much easier for a burger, murderer, or any type of criminal to attack an elderly person rather than a young strong person.  We as senior movers San Francisco tell you that more and more people are moving here but for another reason. That’s the environment and the pristine nature that surrounds the Moutain View. There is nearby Ravenswood Open Space Preserve which is a 376-acre picturesque preserve with marshes, lookout platforms, and jogging and biking routes. Another place like this is Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve Trailhead. It is a great trail offering scenic views and it’s 15 miles long; it has more purposes so people are running, hiking, jogging, etc.

What are the disadvantages of living in Mountain View

The biggest con or disadvantage will be the price of rent. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,953/month which is a -6% decrease since the same period last year. If you want a two-bedroom apartment you’ll have to pay $3,501/month and that’s a lot. Now if you’re lucky maybe you can choose three-bedroom apartments for $4,380/month so if carrying is sharing is your time of the deal, then this is perfect. Now the cheapest option is a four-bedroom apartment for which you’ll have to pay $5,495/month which is great. Unfortunately, most people move to a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment if they’re lucky.  If you don’t have any relatives, close family members, or friends to help you with the move think about taking some moving services San Francisco has to offer.

A person counting money;
Renting prices are the biggest con in Moutain View.

We’re telling you this since a lot of people from Los Angeles and San Franciso are coming here. This is the main advantage of Moutain View and that’s the price. Also if you need any help with cooking, cleaning, or medical care it’s much cheaper than in the big cities. For example, if you’re moving from San Francisco, better try and find some of the best furniture movers San Francisco, rather than ask if you have anyone. This way you’ll bother no one and this way you won’t be ripped off. You check out the reviews online and find this way if the company is legit. There are a lot of reviews and various websites like Google Reviews where you can check what other customers say about that company. But even recommendation is the best thing is the word of mouth.

Is Mountain View a good place for seniors to move to or not

Again it depends and it’s mostly your personal preference. If you like big cities, loud music, rush hour, long lines, waiting lists, etc. Then yes big cities are definitely for you. But if you enjoy the company of people your age with whom you can have discussions and maybe fall in love once again, then welcome to Moutain View. It has everything that a senior citizen can desire and most importantly it’s surrounded by pristine nature. Clear rivers, and lakes, and most importantly it’s not in a remote area, it’s not like somewhere offroad where wolves sleep. This place is near the city of San Jose so if you need anything or want to visit some friends or family transportation is pretty good. Also, transportation costs are $74.3 per person for a month and food is about $622 per month.

An elderly couple walking;
Is Mountain View a good place for seniors to move to, is entirely up to you to decide.

Since the prices aren’t that high this would be the best place to spend the rest of your days.  You can also enjoy Shoreline Amphitheatre, a sizable concert facility with outdoor seating hosting festivals and well-known performers.  There is also Cuesta Park, which features open areas and areas that are shaded, there are also built-in grills so it’s a great place for picnics and BBQs. In Mountain View, you don’t have to wait for Sunday, because every day is like this. Beautiful, peaceful, clean, and full of billionaires and their companies. If you didn’t know this is a home to

  • Alphabet (Google)
  • Microsoft
  • Synopsys
  • Samsung
  • LinkedIn
  • 23andMe
  • Symantec
  • Intuit
  • Unicode Consortium

Is Mountain View a good place for seniors to move to or is it not, that is the question. That would be great if we were discussing poetry, but we’ve talked about only facts today. We hope that you found all of this information useful. So in the end it’s up to you, use google if you feel like you need any more evidence, or ask anyone if he or she is living there. That would be it from us, if you need any help with moving, packing, or whatever you can contact us through the website, or give us a good old call. Have a great time in Moutain View and have a great move.