Key Things to Have in Mind When Moving from a Suburb to SF

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    Suburban life is comfortable, organized, and perfect for families. However, for various reasons, people sometimes need to move to a big city. Moving from a suburb to SF seems like an easy thing to do, but it involves a set of demanding tasks. Also, there are some key things to be aware of when making such a transition. That is why the best movers San Francisco Bay area has will guide you through the process of relocating to SF from a suburb. Take a look at this short guide before starting to pack your boxes.

    Key things to have in mind when moving from a suburb to SF

    Before hiring the best furniture movers San Francisco, it is advisable to inform yourself of the changes this relocation will bring. Moving to San Francisco in this instance has many perks, as well as downsides. Nonetheless, gathering enough information before moving will be of immense assistance. If you work in the city and live in the suburb, then your days of long commutes are over. But besides this advantage, there are other important things to be aware of:

    • it is hard to find a parking place
    • expect a lot of uphill walking
    • high rent and growing population
    • a variety of festivals and events
    a woman preparing her boxes for moving from a suburb to SF
    Write down the key things to do before relocating to San Francisco from your suburban home

    It is hard to find a parking place

    San Francisco is a large city with a lot of narrow and steep streets, so it might take plenty of time before you find a parking spot. It is usually very hard to find a parking place near your home. Therefore, the residents of SF use alternative means of transportation, such as cabs, Uber, buses, or cable cars. Therefore, before hiring your movers Redwood City to perform your relocation, think through the ways you will be getting around town.

    Expect a lot of uphill walking

    Prepare comfortable clothes and footwear for getting around town. Walking is sometimes the quickest way of going from one place to another, as public transport tends to be late, and driving is not a convenient activity in SF. Fill your moving boxes with walking shoes before your residential movers San Francisco load the truck and help you relocate to the town on seven hills.

    a woman walking up the hill in San Francisco
    Prepare comfortable shoes for uphill walks

    High rent and growing population

    Although the population is still under one million people, the influx of newcomers, especially young people, is very high. Renowned tech companies attract a large number of people between the age of 25 and 45. Rents are also very high, with a median price of around $3,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. Take all these factors into consideration before asking for any of the numerous moving quotes San Francisco offers.

    A variety of festivals and events

    Moving from a suburb to SF can make your life more fun, as this city offers a variety of events. Also, vibrant places such as Fisherman’s Wharf can fill your day with numerous activities.