Moving checklist for busy moms moving to San Francisco

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Balancing between a family and a career creates tons of challenges on a daily basis for every working mom. So, when the time for changing address comes, employed women with families face a very demanding task. In situations like these, it is important to come up with a systematic solution. Professional moving companies like Zapt Movers offer some useful advice for busy moms moving to San Francisco. With proper guidelines and advice from a renowned company, relocation does not have to be a nerve-racking event. Mothers preoccupied with work, kids, household, social, and family life can have a seamless relocation with the right strategy.

Moving Checklist for busy moms moving to San Francisco

When creating a moving checklist, the most important thing is to start way ahead of time. Do not expect all vital things to cross your mind immediately. Give yourself some time to think and slowly come up with items for your checklist. Busy moms have a lot on their plate and relocation is just one part of their multidimensional daily lives. Some of the most essential things to put on your moving checklist are as follows:

  • make a plan
  • hire a reliable moving company
  • deal with paperwork
  • declutter
  • pack your boxes
a woman lying on the grass and reading a book
Plan your move thoroughly so you have an easy relocation and an enjoyable post-relocation period in San Francisco

Make a plan

Start planning your move well in advance. Decide whether you will opt for professional moving assistance, or you would perform a DIY move. If you decide on the latter, make sure to inform your friends and family members of your moving date. Remember that you will need assistance with lifting heavy boxes and transporting them to your new address. Also, leaving your old house clean for new residents sounds like the right thing to do, so make sure you leave some time for cleaning in your schedule. If you have small kids, you will probably need to hire a babysitter or ask family members to look after them while you pack and load the moving truck. In case you find it impossible to deal with bulky items, rest assured that furniture movers San Francisco will handle your oversized household items in a skillful and professional manner.

Hire a reliable moving company

For busy moms that are swamped with tasks, worries, fears, and concerns, hiring a moving company is a great relief and assistance. Zapt Movers deal with a variety of moving services. The professional staff possesses the tools, material, and know-how to pack and label your boxes. They know how to properly load a truck in order not to break any of your fragile items or scratch a piece of furniture. They will take care of the driving, traffic, and routes, and one of the great moving services they offer is a storage unit. Find out all about the moving costs San Francisco top company offers, and make sure you hire genuine professionals. Since you are moving to a big city, let the movers navigate through the busy streets with your moving boxes.

a couple of movers carrying a couch
Hiring reliable movers will facilitate the relocation process for busy moms moving to San Francisco

Deal with paperwork

When changing addresses, you will have a lot of red tapes to deal with. This involves changing the address on all your documents and contacting relevant institutions to update the address on your utility bills. Remember to cancel all services under your name on your old address. Also, you will need to take care of the school paperwork when signing kids out of one school and enrolling them into a new one. Make sure to make all the relevant inquiries on time and avoid taking care of this stuff last minute. It will just add up to the ongoing stress of the everyday life of a busy mom. Find the best school or daycare a few weeks prior to the moving day and you will have everything figured out once you settle in. One of the best moving companies Palo Alto will help you with moving technicalities, so you have enough time to deal with personal matters.

Declutter before packing

To streamline your packing and moving process, consider downsizing before undertaking any other action. Get rid of the things you no longer use or rarely use. Donate them to a charity, give them away to friends and family members, sell them online, or organize a garage sale. Help your new community and find out where to take your donations in San Francisco.  Avoid stuffing your boxes with unwanted items and making your moving process harder. Throw away anything that is of no use to you and only bring usable and valuable items to your new home.

one of the busy moms moving to San Francisco holding a box with clothes to donate
Donate the stuff you no longer use to charity and make your packing boxes lighter

Pack your boxes

Packing your moving boxes when you are overwhelmed with the hectic everyday lifestyle is not simple. In addition, having kids does not make it easier. However, there is a solution for practical and stress-free packing. Hiring the best packing services San Francisco has is always the best solution. Nonetheless, if you are reluctant to have strangers pack your bags, there is an easy way to do it yourself. Start with making an inventory of all your belongings. Then, buy boxes of various sizes. Make sure to pack lightly so you can lift each one of your boxes. Pack fragile items carefully and use a lot of bubble wrap to avoid bumps and scratches on your kitchenware. Remember to label each box, as this will facilitate your unpacking process to a great estate.

All busy moms moving to San Francisco should pack an essential box. This box should contain the moving day “first-aid”, meaning the things you will need as soon as you move into a new home. Those are clean sheets, a change of clothes for you and the kids, your phone and charges, some basic food and snacks, essential toiletries, toilet paper, and your kids’ favorite toys.