Moving during holidays – yes or no?

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The holiday season is just around the corner! That means people are slowly but surely getting in the mood for Christmas gatherings with family and friends. However, some of them will change their place of residence and seek a fresh start. In case you are one of them, then this helpful guide is definitely for you. Whether moving during holidays is a good idea is up to you. On the other hand, it’s good to take some pros and cons into consideration before scheduling the move. Moreover, a reliable moving partner is necessary during cold holiday days. Our team at Zapt Movers is ready to come to your aid! Contact us and schedule a free estimation.

a couple moving during holidays
Moving during holidays requires step-by-step preparation.

Moving during holidays has both pros and cons

In contrast to popular opinion, moving during the holiday season is a regular thing. Simply put, any time is a good time for moving. However, you must take many factors into consideration. First and foremost, moving in fall/winter isn’t the same as moving on warm spring or summer days. Also, you have to make sure to find a trustworthy moving company. Keep in mind it’s logistically challenging to move during cold days, especially if you are on a tight schedule. On the other hand, it’s possible to organize a hassle-free move if you prepare ahead.

Plan your holiday move at least a month before

Rushing the move will result in unnecessary stress and chaos. Moving during the fast-paced holidays season is challenging but doable only if you organize everything thoroughly. Don’t wait until the last moment to start with the moving budget planning and packing. Cold winter days paired with the rushed move is a combo you want to avoid. Although many reputable moving companies specialize in last-minute moves, we don’t recommend them. Since you don’t have to move in a hurry (unless unexpected circumstances say otherwise), be disciplined and organized about your move. Your work or family duties will require time and effort as well. That’s why the proper organization is the key to every successful, stress-free move.

You don’t have to entirely skip the holiday joy while preparing for the move

Just because you’re in the middle of moving preparations, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on holiday celebrations. Don’t forget to schedule some time with family or friends. Suggest holiday gatherings in a cozy restaurant, instead of home. You won’t be spending every single minute packing for the move. It’s therefore nice to have some time with close people, especially during the holiday season. Also, they will feel like a part of your moving journey.

hot chocolate with marshmallows
Spend some nice holiday time with family and friends when you’re not packing for the move.

You can also decorate your door with holiday decor, or leave a small Christmas tree outside. The atmosphere will feel much warmer as you’re packing for the move. Relocations are sometimes emotionally challenging for many. Saying goodbye to an old home isn’t the easiest to do. Therefore, it’s nice to have some friends over to help you pack, then make a break for a beer, mulled wine, coffee, or hot chocolate!

Make good use of Black Friday while preparing for the move during the holiday season

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to get top-quality moving supplies at extremely low prices. Strong cardboard boxes and quality packing tapes are necessary to keep your belongings inside. So don’t skip on holiday sales and make the most of them! You will make more room in your moving budget and use the spare money for storage or packing services San Francisco movers have on offer.

Expect the total cost of your move to go up

A free estimation will show you approximate total moving expenses for your holiday move. Since it’s not the final amount, you must keep in mind your relocation will cost a bit more. The storage service price will depend on the number of items you want to store. Next, you might need more moving boxes than you count on. Or you might have to consider more additional services. You can check some of the best furniture movers San Francisco companies have on offer. However, there are ways to contribute to your relocation budget. For example, you can sell some well-kept clothes, shoes, or furniture online. Also, make sure not to miss holiday discounts and Black Friday.

Schedule your move during holidays as early as possible

Weather conditions during winter and fall can make the entire endeavor difficult. Unexpected heavy rain or snow may delay your move. In addition. Slippery roads covered in ice are not the safest for any vehicle. That’s why you should make sure to keep up with the upcoming weather changes and stay flexible during the moving process. It’s easy to get nervous when things don’t go as planned. On the other hand, you must remember you’re not moving during spring or summer. Cold fall/winter days are way more challenging and require patience and step-by-step execution. Also, it’s best to move in the mornings to avoid traffic crowds.

two guys carrying the boxes
Only capable movers can handle holiday relocations.

Consider only capable movers who are able to handle your holiday move

Start looking for proper movers as early as possible. Not every moving company will work during holidays. In addition, only top-level professionals are actually capable to execute holiday relocation during challenging weather conditions. Therefore, choose only the best of the best. Opt for quality moving services San Francisco professional movers specialize in. After you confirm the companies are fully registered, check their work history. Experienced companies that evolve alongside the moving industry know what the customers nowadays need. Furthermore, their crew is ready to adapt to unexpected changes and ensure you stay stress-free during the process. Moving, especially during holidays, isn’t something you should entrust to whichever company. At the same time, you don’t have to pay too much for decent moving services. There are many companies on the market that provide excellent yet affordable and cost-effective services.

Try to relax during your holiday move

A relocation process can add up to the excitement and overall stress as well. It’s an important period when you are entering a fresh start. It doesn’t mean you cannot have fun while moving during holidays. Just remain relaxed, do everything step by step and make some time in your schedule to enjoy the warmth of the holiday atmosphere.