Moving from Palo Alto to Redwood City on a budget

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Are you planning on moving from Palo Alto to Redwood City on a budget? Moving is considered to be one of the hardest and most stressful tasks for an individual. However, you should look at it as a new chapter of life. A chance for a fresh start that is supposed to be thrilling, exciting, and fun! Unless you do it properly, moving can turn out to be exhausting and time-consuming. When you think of moving, you probably think it’s not that hard. Trust us, that is just because you’ve never tried to do it on your own. Here in this article, we are going to talk about how to relocate on a budget.

Making a plan is the first step you need to do

When it comes you’re moving, the first step on the list should be making a plan. Start as early as possible and invest as much time as you need into it. Make a well-thought plan and set a budget you have for the move. Along with it, you also need to make a timeline schedule as well as a to-do list. This way, you will stay focused at all times and you won’t lose track of anything you’ve to do. Unless you think you can do it or simply don’t have enough time for it, you can always go online and search the best moving companies San Francisco Bay Area and choose the most reliable one. Oftentimes, people don’t realize that hiring professionals might be less expensive due to all the hidden expenses.

a to-do list
It’s crucial to make a well-thought plan and a to-do list.

Gather essential packing and moving supplies

After making a plan, the next step is to gather all the essential packing and moving supplies. Why should you do this? Well, in order to save up a considerable amount of money and to protect your belongings when moving, you should do this. You can either go to the nearest store which has that kind of supplies or simply visit the nearest grocery store or supermarket and ask them if they have any leftover cardboard boxes that you might take. If you don’t want to do this, you can always check out moving companies Redwood City and hire one to do the packing and moving for you.

The list of packing and moving supplies

You should always check moving quotes San Francisco before you start gathering these on your own. If they don’t work for your budget, make sure to find these:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Duct tape
  • Cushioning
  • Bubblewrap
  • Old clothes and towels
  • Markers and labels
  • Toolset
preparing for a move
Gather the right packing and moving supplies prior to the move.

Decluttering home

This is one of the things you should start doing as soon as possible. Besides saving space while packing other items, decluttering a home also has psychological benefits. When you start doing it, make sure to go through all of your possession and filter the ones you want to bring with you and the ones that you don’t. Pack those into separate boxes and move them to another place. Another thing you can do is to post certain goods and chattels online in order to sell them. That can be a good way to earn some money before you move. Finally, after you go through everything you can contact movers Palo Alto and ask them whether they provide storage services so you can move it there until you move.

Overbuying for the new home

We understand that you might want to, for example, buy a new bed or a new TV or even a new sofa. This trick to moving from Palo Alto to Redwood City on a budget is really a mental one. You must not let yourself endlessly browse the online shops and add everything you like to the cart. The main way to save money is really to buy only the necessities. Remember, the less you buy now, the more you will spend later on when you move in. This will also help you save money after moving into the new house.

Measuring access points before moving

We mustn’t forget to mention this one since it’s actually super common and happens all the time. You’ve probably heard that someone couldn’t get the old sofa into the new apartment or house because it’s too long or wide. Then, they had to go to the shop and buy the new one which was unexpected. What you should do is to go and measure every room and door frame in order to avoid this kind of problem.  You might ask yourself what are you going to do if you are living too far away? The simplest solution is to contact a landlord and ask him to do it for you. After you get the feedback from him, you have to do your part – measure the furniture and then compare those two values.

counting money
Decide whether it’s better for you to hire movers or do it on your own.

Decide whether you should hire professional movers

This is one of the most common questions people ask themselves prior to moving – whether they should hire professional movers. Well, you need to stop for a second and think of the pros and cons. If you have a few friends who can help you with the move, a pickup truck for transportation, and the right moving and packing supplies, then yes, you could do it without help from professionals. On the other side, if you hire movers, not only that you might save some money due to hidden costs of moving that you probably haven’t acknowledged, but you might save plenty of time as well.

Look for better prices when shopping

When talking about moving from Palo Alto to Redwood City on a budget, we need to mention this pretty self-explanatory point. You should simply compare prices and look for the best deals you can possibly find. Great thing is that we’re living in the internet era where you can look up anything online, without even having to go to the nearest store.