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We all know moving can be hard. Trying to find a job in a different city is difficult enough. And uprooting your life to move there often leaves you with many concerns. But, there’s something in the air living in Mountain View, CA. Whether it’s the sweet aroma of sun-ripened apricots or a combination of other delicious-smelling fruits and flowers cultivated here. People feel good here. Zapt Movers is sure you will love it here. To help you with your relocation, we have prepared a guide that will make moving to Mountain View easy and enjoyable.

Mountain View, California

Mountain View is a lovely city located in the heart of Silicon Valley. It has a population of approximately 70,000 people, and it’s home to Google’s headquarters. The city is well known for its beautiful parks, tree-lined streets, and friendly residents. When you visit Mountain View, you can’t miss the many shops and restaurants that line Castro Street, which is one of the main thoroughfares in town. The city has a lot to offer, and it’s easy to see why so many people want to live there. The population is made up of roughly 50% Asians, 20% white people, 15% Hispanic/Latino folks, and 5% African Americans. Mountain View has a thriving economy due to its proximity to Silicon Valley. Movers Mountain View will be more than happy to help you move here. Call them today!

an aerial view of the city in sunset
Mountain View CA is mostly known for being home to many famous companies including Google

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley

Mountain View is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. This means that it’s surrounded by the world’s top companies and tech startups. And of course, this makes it an ideal place to live in. The city has a population of around 70,000 people, with many young professionals living there due to the high-paying jobs in the area. Mountain View is also home to Google and several other major tech companies, such as Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn. It also has a large concentration of engineers which makes it an ideal place for startups who are looking for talented employees. If you are one of them and want to move here, you can rely on commercial movers. They offer a free quote as well!

Many great job opportunities and good education

Mountain View is one of the top cities in the US for education and employment opportunities. There are tons of great schools in Mountain View! The public schools are some of the best in California, and there are also several great private schools here as well. It’s also home to Stanford University and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2). What’s more, there are lots of job opportunities in Mountain View! You can find work at any level of your career. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience under your belt. It’s only natural that there would be a lot of job opportunities here since so many companies are located here. Moving with your family will be such a great decision you will make. And Santa Clara County Mover will be there for you along the way. They will help you find the perfect location and they will move you into it!

Five men talking at work
Don’t worry if you are moving to Mountain View and hoping to find a job. There are plenty of work opportunities here.

Great weather all year round

If you are moving to Mountain View, CA, you’re in luck! The weather is absolutely gorgeous here and there are so many things to do. Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for some good food, this is the place to be! With an average high temperature of around 84 degrees and an average low temperature of about 47 degrees. The summers are warm but not too hot, and the winters are mild. All in all, great weather all year round. There are an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, which means you can enjoy being outdoors all the time. You can find a place that fits your lifestyle too. Whether you like to go hiking in the mountains or just take advantage of all the shopping opportunities in town.

Amazing place for nature lovers

Mountain View is a great place to get out into nature. Not only are there a ton of trails and a gorgeous beach, but there’s also tons of natural beauty in town. There are also some great parks in the area where you can take your kids after school or on weekends. We suggest you check out these spots:

  • The Shoreline Park: This is a great place to go on a sunny day with your family or friends. There are tons of open spaces, picnic areas, and great views of the bay! You can also rent kayaks and paddle boards here.
  • The Mountain View Community Center: This is another awesome spot for spending time outdoors with family or friends. It has tons of amenities like basketball courts and swimming pools so you can have fun playing sports or swimming laps all day long!
  • Mercy-Bush Park: A nice place to hike. It’s a great place to get out of the city and get some fresh air. What is more, it’s only about five miles from downtown, so it’s easy to get there.
you will be very happy if you are moving to Mountain View for amazing nature. Two women on a picnic.
Mountain View is a great place for nature lovers since there are many gorgeous parks here

There are plenty of opportunities for other outdoor activities year-round! You can go swimming at one of the local pools or lakes in the summertime, or you can ski or snowboard during the winter. It just depends on what you enjoy doing!

Transportation in Mountain View

If you are moving to Mountain View you won’t have to worry about transportation. It’s a city full of friendly people who love to share their knowledge—so feel free to ask them anything! But if you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips: If you’re looking to get around quickly and easily, we recommend taking advantage of our public transportation system. Which includes buses and light rail trains as well as taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft—all at affordable prices! If you’re looking for something high-end or luxurious, there are some great options available as well. From luxury cars to limousines, there’s no reason why your travel experience has to be anything less than perfect!