Moving to San Francisco as an artist: all you need to know

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The Bay Area has always been known for offering something new and inspiring. So it’s no wonder it’s always been attractive to artists, established or up-and-coming. Therefore, moving to San Francisco as an artist could be a great idea. And moving with the help of Zapt Movers will make your transition a breeze. You will come to a place full of world-class cultural institutions. You will also easily get in touch with other artists. And many in-person events, exhibitions, and performances will allow you to present your work. Besides, San Francisco is also a place full of opportunities for art students and career prospects after graduation.

Surrounded by people making art

Moving to San Francisco, you will find yourself surrounded by people making art. And, that is not a wonder. For decades SF was attracting artists from all parts of the country. And for a long period, it was considered a national art capital. As a newcomer, you might be wondering how to get in contact with the art community. Well, that is easy. Throughout the Bay Area, you will find numerous galleries, theaters, and art happenings. And using BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), you will have easy and fast access to various parts of the Bay Area at low costs.

Woman Sitting in Workshop near Paintings after moving to San Francisco as an artist.
After moving to San Francisco, you will be surrounded by people making art.

The vibrant art scene in San Francisco

When we discuss art, we have to remind ourselves that people were always able to express themselves in various ways. Some are doing that through paintings. The others are materializing their visions by shaping stone, iron, etc. For many, the way to create art is through sound or movement. Or through photography, craft, and design. Lately, we could witness the fast development of digital art. And, seeing the San Francisco art scene, we can see that all types of art are present.

Moving to San Francisco as an artist, you may already have some artwork. In case you want to bring it along, discuss your move with moving companies South San Francisco. So, once you settle down, you might be ready to offer your work to some of the numerous galleries. Or to exhibit them at one of the art happenings.

San Francisco museums and galleries

There are numerous museums and galleries in the city. So, after movers Hayward CA relocate you here, you will need time to discover them. Well, you will most probably be interested in those exhibiting the type of art you are producing too. But, seeing the other art scenes, and meeting artists will also be a part of your new life. So, we will here just mention the most known ones.

You can start your tour through the San Francisco art scene by visiting some of the most popular museums. Having highly acclaimed permanent collections, they host some traveling exhibits too. Besides, once a month many of them offer free entrance:

  • The SF Museum of Modern Art (located in the SoMa District)
  • de Young Fine Arts Museum (located in Golden Gate park)
  • Asian Art Museum (you will easily spot it as it is just near the City Hall)
  • Cartoon Art Museum (located in the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood)
  • Legion of Honor (you will find it in Lincoln Park)
  • Yerba Buena Arts Museum (SOMA District)
People Standing Inside Room.
In San Francisco, you will be able to attend numerous art happenings.

The theaters you might find interesting after moving to San Francisco as an artist

In SF you will find some of the finest theaters in the country. And, in case you are the actor too, you might even take part in some of the performances. As a spectator, you will be able to enjoy watching broadway musicals, dramas, plays, or even operas. The most famous theaters in SF are:

  • Orpheum Theatre
  • Curran Theater
  • Golden Gate Theater
  • War Memorial Opera House

Outdoor art

San Francisco may also surprise you with numerous outdoor arts. You will be able to enjoy in many hidden gems you can find throughout the city. Some of them are:

  • Diego Rivera Murals
  • Mission District Murals
  • Presidio (Ancestral Futurism)

Meeting members of the art community, you will also learn about numerous temporary installations throughout the area. And, you will be able to take part in some of them too.

Design and visual arts

We have all heard that SF is a hearth of innovative businesses, technology, and digital culture. So, in case this is your field, after moving to SF with help of long distance movers San Francisco, you might easily get excellent job offers. Namely, companies such as Pixar, Adobe, and Lucasfilm Animation are always looking for new talents. And, they are not the only companies interested to recruit design and virtual arts talents.

In case you have moved to San Francisco to enroll in the San Francisco Art Institute, you may also get an internship. If so, you will practice your visual art skills and design in the companies like Airbnb, Google, Intel, VISA, Disney/Pixar, and Sony.

Photo of Woman Writing on Tablet Computer While Using Laptop.
Technology and digital companies are always on the lookout for creative talents.

Profitable careers you can get with an art school degree

Talking about the art degree, you will have a chance to secure some very well-paid jobs. And all that for doing the job you love. So, let us see what careers can keep you fulfilled financially and creatively.

  • Art director
  • User experience designer
  • Multimedia artists or animators
  • Architects (creating visual plans for new structures)
  • Creative director
  • Fashion designer

Well, money is not the main reason for studying art. However, living in an expensive city such as SF,  having it can grant you comfortable living.

Enjoy the city after moving to San Francisco as an artist

So, we could see what you can expect after moving to San Francisco as an artist. Besides attending art school, you will have numerous other possibilities. First, you will be living in such an inspiring area. So, your might get more creative ideas too. Besides, you will hang around with many artists. They will introduce you to all SF art venues. Besides, you will be all the time well informed about ongoing and upcoming art events. And, in case you are interested in digital arts, you might secure really interesting and well-paid jobs.