Packing Glassware for a Move from San Francisco to Redwood City 101

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    When you have to move your home, there are a lot of different things to take into consideration. You have many different rooms to pack and move. Every room needs a plan and moving checklist dedicated to it. As a matter of fact, different types of items need different plans and packing methods! Among these many things, glassware is especially delicate and can be expensive, too. That’s where our tips for packing glassware for a move from San Francisco to Redwood City 101 comes into play. Our company has some of the best movers San Francisco Bay area can offer. They’ve moved all sorts of things, including glassware, so they have a couple of tips to share. Whether you plan on doing a DIY move or hiring pro movers, this article should have it all. In order to move your glassware and keep it in one piece, read below!

    Packing materials will greatly affect the protection of your glassware

    The golden rule of movers San Mateo and San Francisco rely on is to use good packing materials. You can use all the right methods and follow all the rules, but it won’t matter without good materials. So, what will make your glassware packing safer and more durable?

    different glasses on a white table
    To keep your glassware intact, know what packing materials to use.
    • Make sure to use good boxes for packing! You can always get brand-new ones, use old boxes, or get them second-hand. Also make sure that the boxes you use for packing are not damaged or wet!
    • You can use all sorts of materials to fill your boxes. Packing materials include packing beans and peanuts, paper, et cetera. However, if you want to be more convenient, you can also use towels and rugs to fill in the empty space and secure your glass.
    • Movers Redwood City residents choose time and time again and also suggest looking for good methods to pack your glassware. Not every kind of glass can be packed the same way.
    • You’ll also have to label your glassware boxes as fragile before they’re loaded into a truck. The boxes need to be labeled so that whoever is carrying them will know to handle them with extra care. Glass is very fragile, and while it might not break, it can get chipped or cracked which is still something to avoid.

    However, these are just general glassware packing tips. By diving into further details, you’ll make sure to know exactly how to treat your glassware. You’ll manage to avoid causing even the smallest bits of damage to your glassware, and it’ll save you a lot of money.

    Rules for packing glassware for a move from San Francisco to Redwood City

    Now that we covered some general tips for packing glassware, let’s see what rules you need to follow. Even when hiring moving companies with packing services San Francisco residents rely on, you want to pack small and fragile items by yourself. To do so successfully, you need to know some essentials rules and steps.

    tips on packing glassware for a move from san francisco to redwood city
    Make sure to follow these rules to ensure the safety of your glassware.

    First of all, use a medium-sized box when packing glassware. Second of all, make sure to create a paper or cloth layer on the bottom of the box for protection. It should be enough to cushion the glasses in case the box falls or is dropped. Speaking of, you should also pay attention to what packing materials you’re using. For example, you must have an abundance of paper and cardboard, but bubble wrap may protect your glass better. However, it’s harder to recycle or reuse, and is also more expensive if you’re buying it brand new. You can use these materials to pack your furniture as well, but you can also just hire the most reliable furniture movers San Francisco has to offer. They’ll know what to use and how to make sure it all stays in one piece.

    Moving on, you should wrap big and heavy glasses first and place them on the bottom of the box. Make sure to cover and wrap them whole. When you have multiple similar glasses, you can wrap two of them using one sheet of paper. Simply roll the glass or mug and stuff the ends of the sheet into the glass opening. You can wrap glasses with stems such as martini, wine, or champagne glasses the same way as the rest, but first make sure to wrap the stem as well. 

    Wrapping up and concluding the process

    Once you wrap all of the glasses, mugs, cups, and such, and once you put it all in a box, it’s time to wrap it up. Before moving to San Francisco, you want to make sure that you’ve done all the packing correctly. 

    The golden rule when packing is to never overfill boxes. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving glassware, moving house, or hiring reputable commercial movers San Francisco business owners rely on: whenever someone packs a box, they mustn’t fill it too much. If you can’t close it, it means you overdid it and need to make space. However, you should make sure to tuck in all the glasses and leave little to no empty space for movement. Use paper or whatever packing material you prefer to cushion the top of the box. The layer on top should be about the same size as the one on the bottom. Once you fill the box, don’t seal it just yet and run a test to see if you’ve protected the glassware. Give the box a light shake. If you don’t hear any glass clicking, seal it with duct tape, and label it.

    ornate blue glasses on a table
    Packing glassware for a move from San Francisco to Redwood City isn’t that hard.

    And just like that, you did it! You’ve completed the packing glassware for a move from San Francisco to Redwood City 101 crash course! Are you ready to look for the many affordable moving quotes San Francisco moving companies have to offer? If so, head over to the Zapt Movers website and get a free estimate! If you like what you see, call us so we can schedule the move and work out the details. We will wait for you!