Relocating from Cupertino to Daly City

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The distance between those two cities is not that great. It will take you about 36 minutes to get from one to the other. And, you can use two roads, I-280 N or US-101 N. However, regardless of the short distance, when relocating from Cupertino to Daly City, you will need to do all preparations. This means you will have to hire reliable movers San Francisco Bay Area. You will also need to prepare a moving plan. It will help you to define all the preparation steps that you have to complete. The same moving plan will also be your checklist. So, going from task to task, you won’t miss, for example, applying for your address change. Or make a deal with utility providers in Daly City.

Learning about Daly City before the move

Since Daly City is close to Cupertino, you probably had the opportunity to visit it many times before. So, you already know the area. And the main shops and restaurants in the city. You have probably already purchased a new home there. So, you already know that Daly City is 40.2% cheaper than Cupertino. While the median home cost in Cupertino was $2,556,000, you could get the same size property in Daly City for $1,180,600. Also, by comparing the prices of food and groceries, utilities, transportation, and health care, you can see that they differ. But the difference is not significant.

A view from the road when relocating from Cupertino to Daly City
Relocating from Cupertino to Daly City means that you will move from Silicon Valley to San Mateo County.

Comparing the two cities, we can also see that Daly City has about 105,000 residents. The population of Cupertino is smaller. It has about 60,680 residents. And, the median household income differs a lot. In Cupertino, it reaches $199,778, while people working in Daly City are receiving $105,374. And, the services of moving companies Cupertino are affordable. And, with their professional assistance, your move will be an easy endeavor.

Some interesting facts about Cupertino

Cupertino is a city located in Silicon Valley. It is especially known for being the home of Apple HQ, located in Apple Park. Besides that one, Cupertino has a few more interesting places to visit and see. Those are:

  • Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve
  • Fremont Older Open Space Preserve
  • McClellan Ranch Preserve
  • California History Center

What to expect after relocating from Cupertino to Daly City

Located in San Mateo County, Daly City is one of San Francisco’s suburbs. The city was named after a landowner Mr. Donald Daly. The city is also known by its nickname – “the Gateway to the Peninsula.” The city’s first settlers were Irish immigrants. Later on, Daly City becomes known for numerous dairy and pig farms. And, as you will see after relocating with one of the moving companies Daly City there are a lot of drinking and gambling places. Nowadays, Daly City is the second most populous city in San Mateo County. It is known for the Great Dicken’s Christmas Fair, the annual Grand National Rodeo, and the Horse & Stock Show.

Business & Work
There are many excellent companies in Daly City offering jobs.

Main employers in Daly City

The reasons for moving to Daly City are various. Many retired persons are moving in here, due to lower costs of living. The others are moving due to a good job offer in one of the giants operating in San Mateo county. Among them are Google, Oracle & Salesforce. There are present also big retailers, such as Walmart, and Best Buy. The other big employers in the area are:

  • Bank Of America
  •  Wells Fargo
  • Seton Medical Center
  • Skyline College

The transportation system is well developed and allows citizens to easily travel across the Bay Area. So, when you wish, you can easily visit popular entertainment venues, such as:

  • Golden Gate Theater
  • The Palace Of Fine Arts
  • AMC Metreon 16

Commuting to Cupertino

The possibility to purchase their own home is also the reason why some young families are moving to Daly City. So, they are actually keeping their employment in Cupertino and commuting. In case you are falling into this category, you might like to know what schools are available for your kids in Daly City. The most popular schools serving Daly City are:

  • The New School of San Francisco
  • Summit Public School – Shasta Campus
  •  Hoover Elementary School
  • Mission Preparatory
  • Lipman Middle School

However, with a good transportation system, and being just 10 minutes southward from San Francisco, you can enroll kids in some of its schools.

A person packing a box.
Professional packers will complete the job much faster.

Preparing to relocate from Cupertino to Daly City

As we already said, regardless of relocating a short distance, you should prepare. Since you have already found a reliable mover to transport your belonging to your new home, it is time to start packing. And, only once you start, you will realize how demanding the packing is. You will also realize how many surplus items you have. So, before actually starting to pack, it is advisable to declutter. And, all items that you are not using anymore you can sell, donate, or simply send for recycling.

In case you don’t have time to do the packing yourself, you can always contact packing services San Francisco providers. You can also ask them to help you with packing supplies. The bottom line, the supplies they provide will be of excellent quality. And, having the skills and packing regularly, they will complete the packing with ease. All your possessions will be handled in the right way. Also, they will complete the entire packing job well before the set moving date.

After moving you will have time to explore your new city

Visiting a city and living in it are very different things. So, in the times when you were visiting, it could be for completing some tasks. Or taking part in one of the city festivities. Also, maybe you were coming to meet friends or to have dinner in your favorite restaurant. But, after relocating from Cupertino to Daly City, you will start to discover the best things to do in Daly City. And, since you will have ample time, you can go on slowly, enjoying your new city and the various attractions it is offering.