Relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment in San Francisco

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You’ve thought it over, and after long consideration, you’ve decided to move. When it comes to moving – planning is everything! Having everything down to a tee is necessary if you wish to avoid stress. Usually, getting everything in order and making it go smooth is difficult without professional help. After all, moving isn’t something we do every day, so it’s understandable that we are no experts in this business. Unlike professional moving companies, such as Zapt Movers, we lack the expertise and the proper tools for the job. This can be very worrying when we wish to transport something of value to us. Whether it’s the sentimental or monetary value we wish to preserve, the worst thing we can do is cross our fingers and just hope for the best. So how do you go about relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment in San Francisco? Let’s have a look.

Moving tasks

Moving is no small feat. The more you have to move, the bigger the risk something may go awry. It’s a good idea to set up a list of tasks that you need to complete in order to ensure a carefree moving experience. So, what are some of these tasks? Well, to break it down into simplest terms, we could divide our entire move into five phases:

  • Quoting
  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Transporting
  • Unloading


Calculator on a notepad, during a cost assessment.

No matter what we move, these five steps are always present. Whether you contact moving companies in Palo Alto, or anywhere else in San Francisco, you’re sure to go through the same process.  The question is – how do you go about these steps with the least amount of trouble possible?


Before the packing teams arrive and get on with their business, it’s important to know exactly what the costs will be. Dealing with fragile and expensive items requires special care and expertise. Moving costs in San Francisco can vary greatly, depending on how specific your requirements are. With just a few clicks and some basic info, you can get your moving quote almost instantly and prepare. Before any investment, be sure to know if there are any possibilities of additional costs.

Make sure you have your finances properly planned when relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment in San Francisco.

A couple carrying their belongings into a new apartment.
When relocating your expensive furniture to your new apartment in San Francisco, doing it yourself may be cheaper – but it’s also very risky.


One of the most mind-boggling tasks, when moving expensive furniture, is packing. It’s challenging to pick the right packing materials and use them properly for the task ahead. Still, without this first step being done adequately, the entire operation could end up a fiasco. In order to avoid this headache and unnecessary risk, the smart man’s choice would be to seek out professional packing services in San Francisco. With teams of dedicated professionals in the field, you are putting your expensive furniture in the safest of hands. Using the most contemporary methods and the highest quality of packing tools and materials, your property is sure to arrive safely.


While most furniture from DIY stores tends to be on the cheaper side, some units are truly pieces of art. Expensive furniture tends to be on the heavier side, with higher quality materials being used in their manufacture. Heavy means risky. There is always a possibility of damaging the piece whilst moving it through doorframes and around other units. Another risk is injury. Hauling bulky, heavy furniture could wreak havoc on your back and you shouldn’t approach this task carelessly. Luckily, professional furniture movers in San Francisco are experts at maneuvering with even the heaviest of units. It would be a good idea, however, to make room for the moving team to move around the property and clear paths.

Moving company employees with their moving van.
With professional help on your side, relocating your expensive furniture to your new apartment in San Francisco no longer seems so difficult.


Another step in the chain is transportation. Sure, we can all find a friend who wants to help out or even attempt to drive the units ourselves. This may be alright if you were dealing with property that is not as demanding and fragile. However, when it comes to expensive furniture, you want to be sure there is as little risk as possible. This is why professional movers have vehicles that have been properly equipped for the job. One less reason for you to worry about. Once they load your furniture, it is up to the driver to get it to your new apartment safely. Reliable moving companies usually only employ experienced drivers, with clean records, so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.


As with loading, the team will be there for this final step. No point in getting through everything if, during the last step, your property gets damaged. Therefore, you will be assisted in unloading and placing your furniture where you want it inside your new apartment. Hopefully, you’ve made room in your new home for the team to be able to move around without any major difficulty. This would greatly reduce the time required for them to finish their job and also reduce the risk of damage. Once your expensive furniture is in place, you may want to check out how you can clean it, as it may have gotten dirty during the packing and moving around.

The happy ending of relocating your expensive furniture

So you’ve made the arrangement and the teams arrived on time. Everything was done accordingly, from assessment to packing and all the way through to the unloading and precise placement of your expensive furniture. With the right partner, relocating your expensive furniture to a new apartment in San Francisco doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Now is the time to finally breathe out and enjoy the beauty of your newly adorned home.