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    San Francisco is one of the most iconic cities in the United States. It attracts millions of people to come and visit or relocate. However, it goes the other way around as well. More people are moving out of San Francisco than ever before. There are many reasons why that is. Some of the most important ones are a very high cost of living and the housing market getting more expensive with each new day. We at Zapt Movers are involved with these relocations almost daily, so we have plenty of experience and knowledge to share with you. We’ll go over the most important things you should know and do before you move out of San Francisco.

    Compare the cost of living between San Francisco and places that interest you before moving 

    The biggest reason people are moving out of San Francisco is the high cost of living index. The most popular destination for people moving away is Texas. In Lone Star State, you get much more value out of your paycheck. The cost of living index in California is 156.7, whereas in Texas it’s 91.5! This means that in California you pay 50% more than the average person in the US to cover your basic living expenses. In Texas, you pay about 10% less than the average American! That fact alone makes many people start packing and get in touch with the reliable residential movers San Francisco has to offer.

    Couple moving out of San Francisco
    It’s never easy moving out of San Francisco or any other place you called your home, but if changes have to be made – be sure to make them

    Explore the housing market

    Let’s use Texas again as an example. If you’re planning to move out of San Francisco, chances are you are pretty unhappy with how much you’re paying for rent. In Texas, an average one-bedroom apartment can be rented for $1,000. In San Francisco, you’d have to pay double that amount! The average price of homes in Texas is $280,000 which is below the national average, while in California it’s almost $900,000! If you have a specific budget already, see what the prices of homes are in places that interest you. Once you know that, you’ll be able to organize your budget and your move. 

    If you’re planning on leaving California as a state, you should hire only the best long distance movers San Francisco has at its disposal. Long-distance moves can be tiresome and complicated, so leave your relocation process in the hands of trained professionals.

    Woman walking in the streets of San Francisco
    While it is undoubtedly beautiful, many people are moving from San Francisco because it’s getting more expensive by the day

    Find a new job before moving out of San Francisco 

    You don’t want to leave things to chance when moving out of San Francisco. You should have a solid and well-organized plan before you actually move. That means having a new job lined up and a new home already selected. When you sort that out, all that is left is to find high-quality moving services San Francisco has to offer. It’s never easy leaving your home and changing your life! That’s why you should ensure to have everything under control so your relocation is an enjoyable experience.