Tips for moving into a green home in San Francisco

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Environmentalism and technical innovation meet in the San Francisco Bay Area. Therefore, it only seems logical that this city would have some of the most cutting-edge green homes. Moving to a green home in San Francisco may not be easy, but it pays off in so many ways. You will personally reap numerous benefits, and your actions will have a significant positive impact on the environment. That’s why we made a list with some tips for moving into the green home of your dreams. Once you’re ready, moving companies San Francisco Bay Area will be there to help you make those dreams come true! 

What are the benefits of moving into a green home in San Francisco?

Preserving health and money are one of the main reasons why adopting a green lifestyle is becoming popular. Nowadays, there are even green homes, built or modified in order to use less natural resources, energy, and water. Living in such a home will help you cut down costs and improve your health due to better indoor air quality. 

Green living room
Moving into a green home in San Francisco will be a better solution both for your mind and for your budget.

However, there are more advantages to green living, like paying less for utility bills because of superior insulation and heating. While utility prices in San Francisco are lower than average, the overall cost of living in this city is quite high. Keeping that in mind, paying less for water expenses and energy will help your budget in the long term. Moreover, if you ever decide to sell your property, adding green features to your home will raise its market value.  

Declutter your previous home and repurpose some items

Before you start planning your relocation to a sustainable home in San Francisco, make sure to declutter your old residence. If you have clothing, shoes, books, or toys you no longer need, consider giving them to charity facilities or friends. Besides, many furniture movers San Francisco will charge you considering the weight and size of your belongings. So, the less unnecessary things you have, the smaller the moving van will be, and the cheaper the relocation

Reusing items from your old house is the cheapest method to go green in your new one. If you must furnish your house from scratch, give secondhand furniture shops a try. You wouldn’t believe how many wonderful yet affordable pieces you can find there! As fewer new products are purchased and less waste goes to landfills, this benefits the environment as well. 

Eco-friendly relocation should also be part of moving into a green home in San Francisco

It’s not just your new home that should be green, but also the way of getting there. You could help the environment by choosing a reliable moving company that has environmentally-friendly vans with minimal emissions. You could also try to get video moving quotes San Francisco, instead of having multiple companies show up in person. 

Woman sitting between cardboard boxes
To help the environment, make sure you get your moving boxes from friends, grocery stores, or responsible movers.

Reusing old packing supplies if possible will also help you move without harming nature. If you do need to use new ones, make sure to ask your movers for biodegradable bubble wrap. However, don’t forget to also ask your movers whether your moving times and travel route will help reduce emissions. 

Invest in better insulation solutions for your new home

Some homes in San Francisco are already eco-friendly, but if they are not, you can make them be! For example, did you know that homes lose 20% to 30% of their heat through the walls? If your new home doesn’t have proper insulation, add one to your walls, attic, or floors. If possible, replace old wooden windows with modern PVC ones to keep the heat inside

Not only will these upgrades make your home more comfortable, but they will also lower your heating bills. However, you should make investments in ecological fixtures and amenities before you move in and settle into your new home. Keeping in mind that many of these projects require renovation, hire movers Redwood City only when you finish everything.  

Preserving the energy should be your priority when moving into a green home in San Francisco

To generate sustainable heating, hot water, or electricity for your home, you can install a renewable energy system. Heat pumps, solar water heating systems, and solar photovoltaic panels are just a few examples of common renewable energy systems. That being said, solar panels ought to be your top option if you truly want to live sustainably.

Solar panels on top of the house
Installing solar panels will help you preserve energy and save money.

Finally, even though many households nowadays use energy-efficient light bulbs, they are always worth mentioning. They are extremely effective and can help you save a significant amount of money in the long run. Moreover, high-efficiency bulbs are simple to install and don’t require any infrastructural or electrical modifications to your home. 

After moving to your new home, keep it clean using ecological cleaning products

Nothing is more inviting to guests than having a spotlessly clean home. Still, you should stay away from harsh, environmentally hazardous items that are phosphate-rich and harmful to marine life. Instead, after moving into a green home in San Francisco you should only use non-toxic cleaning supplies. Think about using natural solutions like vinegar and lemon or eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are readily available.

As you can see, there are many benefits to living sustainably, like saving you a lot of money and improving your wellness. If that wasn’t enough, moving into a green home in San Francisco will also have a positive impact on the environment. So, don’t wait any longer, and start doing a small part in saving the planet!