Top Bay Area Christmas getaways

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    The great thing about holidays is that you get to relax from work and everything else and just enjoy yourself. By having a lot of fun with your family and enjoying all the festivities. And while it is nice to spend it at home and enjoy the great food and all the cookies. It is also nice to go outside and get away to some nice place to enjoy the festivities. And there is a lot of great Bay Area Christmas getaways to which you can go. It is definitely worth considering and exploring some of them during Christmas. Especially if you have just moved to a new place and want to explore it, this would be a great time to do that. So after your professional movers San Francisco finishes the move you can go explore these Christmas activities.

    You can visit a farm and get a Christmas tree

    There are a lot of farms you can visit in Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz County, Sonoma, and many other places. Most of them are open daily so you can visit anytime you want and when suits you. It will make for a nice family tradition to go together, pick a Christmas tree and bring it home. It is also more responsible rather than buying a plastic one, and a good lesson for your children if you care about the environment. As they are renewable and carbon neutral. It will be a nice tradition to start and you can do it while one of the moving companies Palo Alto is taking care of your move to your new home. And you can also enjoy the atmosphere at the farms as they all have their own festivities and wonderful Christmas decorations which your kids will love.

    A family visiting one of the best Bay Area Christmas getaways to get a Christmas tree
    Choosing a Christmas tree together can be a wonderful family tradition

    Downtown for the holidays is one of the most popular Bay Area Christmas getaways

    Downtown San Jose is one of the best Bay Area Christmas getaways for the whole family. There is a lot of events for everyone to explore and enjoy.  You can go on the fun carnival rides or go ice skating. Enjoy the atmosphere with a lot of decorated trees and glittering lights. Get some festival treats for yourself and your kids. You can also take part in the Santa run or some other fun events. And you can also watch some of the best holiday films curated by the San Jose Playhouse on the big screen while you are enjoying hot chocolate and holiday popcorn. If you are moving to San Jose before the festivities you can easily find good moving quotes San Francisco for your move. Just make sure that you take your time for it so that you can do it properly and hire good movers.

    The Great Dickens Fair is one of the best Bay Area Christmas getaways

    This fair is a great place to visit with family. And a big part of it is the Christmas carol of the Coventry Carolers. And sea chanteys from the sailors of Paddy West and many other fun songs. You can also do some shopping from food and literature to arts, candles, and many other things. This is one of the best Bay Area Christmas getaways because it provides great entertainment for the whole family and everyone will find something that they will enjoy. And you can finish it all off with some fun shopping. So whether you are moving home or business to the bay area make sure that you do it on time and hire good commercial movers san Francisco so that you don’t miss out on the Great Dickens Fair.

    Overhead shot of gingerbread cookies on a plate
    You can get all kinds of cookies at the Great Dickens Fair

    You can visit the Crippsmas Place

    Crippsmas Place is a wonderful display in North Freemont. More than 70 homes will take part in this and it will stretch from Asquith Place all the way to Perkins street. You can go for a stroll to enjoy all the decorations and everything else or go for a ride. With a lot of amazing decorations and lights, it’s a must-visit and it is something the whole family will enjoy a lot. And often they hand out candy canes, that is something your children would definitely enjoy. And a great thing about Crippsmas Place is that it’s a charity fundraiser so that all the money goes to charities, some of them are:

    • HERS Breast Cancer Foundation
    • Leukemia-Lymphoma Society
    • Fremont Family Resource Center

    Enjoy winter lights in the golden gate park

    From sundown to ten p.m every night you can find a lot of wonderful light shows and even a beautiful holiday train display. You can start from the beginning of the park and go all the way to Golden Gate Bandshell. And there you can enjoy great live music, poetry in which you can take part too if you like. And there are going to be a lot of amazing lights installations too. And it’s all free and open to the public. So there is no reason to not visit and check it out, you will surely have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself whether you go alone or with family.

    Man playing a guitar
    You can enjoy great live music

    Glowfari is a must-visit

    If you want to see a light show unlike any other on Christmas, then this is the place to visit. You should visit the Glowfari at the Oakland zoo. It is a collection of huge beautiful animal lanterns placed all over the zoo. They even have a 15 feet tall penguin. It is a very unique light show and not something you can see often, and your children will definitely enjoy it a lot. It’s great fun for the whole family and you can make some wonderful memories there.  Just keep in mind that it’s closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And that it opens from 5 to 10 p.m. so make sure that you time your visit well so that you don’t miss out on this wonderful light show. This is definitely one of the best and most unique Bay Area Christmas getaways.