Top places in San Mateo County for big families

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    Moving to a large family requires a lot of preparation. Zapt Movers, as well as other expert movers, can help a lot when it comes to moving itself. However, one of the biggest and most important decisions you can make when relocating with your family is choosing the right city. Of course, not every family wants or needs the same things. But, we can all probably agree that there are some universal city traits that are better for large families with kids. That said, finding a beautiful yet affordable place to live with your big family can be hard in San Franciso are. Luckily there are numerous wonderful places in San Mateo County for big families that both kids and parents would enjoy.

    There are many places in San Mateo County for big families

    Choosing the right city for you and your family is one of the most important things you can do when moving. After all, that’s where you and your family will be living and creating memories, at least for a while. San Mateo County is notorious for being family-friendly. But, some cities within the country are even more so than others. So before you pack up your family and move with one of the moving companies san Mateo County prides itself in, make sure to choose a city you and your family will be happy to call home for years to come.

    A big family hugging.
    Most families could find their home in San Mateo County!

    West Menlo Park is a lovely place for a big family looking for a quiet life in San Mateo

    West Menlo Park is very tiny. It’s home to mere 4000 people. Plus, the area itself is not that large counting roughly about 126ha. We can all probably agree that the furniture movers San Francisco t’s not that much. However, because of its size and modest population, it’s easy to feel at home at West Menlo Park. There’s no doubt that after a tedious move with furniture movers San Francisco has to offer you’ll have a few of your neighbors running over to offer you refreshments and help. And that’s perhaps one of the greatest charms of West Menlo Park.

    Another thing to note is that the properties in West Menlo Park are usually rather large. That means a lot of space for kids and pets to play. So if spaciousness is something you value, you’ll love living in West Menlo Park. Also, this particular city is one of the safest ones in the country. So you and your family can sleep soundly knowing you’re safe in your new home.

    San Carlos is among more affordable San Mateo County places for big families

    Money can be a real issue when you have a big family. Just feeding a few growing children can be enough to drain your funds. That’s why affordability is important to many large families. Especially when moving, and paying for moving services San Francisco residents recommend, it’s important to save every cent. But, it’s also important to note, though, that San Mateo County is not that affordable at all. But, if San Mateo is your choice, San Carlos is the best option. Its biggest strength is perhaps that it’s pretty inexpensive compared to the rest while still offering safety and a great education for kids.

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    It doesn’t get much cheaper than San Carlos in San Mateo County!

    You should know that San Carlos City is significantly bigger than West Menlo Park. However, it’s not nearly as big as any major city in California. With its size being 14.02 km² and it being home to roughly 30.000 people, this city manages to keep that small-town vibe while still offering some of the perks of a big city. However, it’s just not as “personal” as West Menlo Park is

    Foster City is yet another place to consider if you have a big family

    If safety is your biggest priority, move to Foster City. And if living in a place that’s considered to be one of the best in the county, again, move to Foster City. Foster City was voted second safest in San Mateo County, as well as second best for living overall. Unfortunately, that level of amazingness comes at a cost. Foster City is also one of the most expensive cities in San  Mateo County. And even though expensive places can often be out of reach for big families living on an average salary, if you’re particularly well off, moving to Foster City might be the best thing for your family, as well as yourself.

    That said, Foster City has some shortcomings. It’s not much of a “party” city. If you’re a parent who loves to go clubbing or go out in general, this might not be the city for you. Foster City is a true family city with loads of parks, activities, and places for kids to play. And if your family is your priority and you’re looking to move to a quiet place where your family will be able to thrive, then definitely consider Foster.

    Kids playing with dry leaves.
    Foster City is one of the safest places in San Mateo County for big families with kids!

    Choosing a city that feels right for you and your family out of all the great places in San Mateo County for big families is truly important

    When moving, choosing tried and tested movers Belmont CA, or any other place in California has to offer, is pretty important. However, what’s even more important is choosing a city that’s right for you and your family. Of course, you should first weed out all of the cities that are not up to your standards. But then, once you know that all of the cities on your list are safe, family-friendly, clean, and beautiful, it’s crucial to choose your new home city with your heart. It might even be a good idea to include your family in decision-making. Just make sure you’re sticking to the best-rated places in San Mateo County for big families, but other than that, let your heart take the lead. If you do so, there’s no doubt you and your family will absolutely love your new home city!