Top things to do in San Francisco at night

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San Francisco is undoubtedly a very beautiful city. Whether you have decided to move, or you are already living there, you should know that this place has so much to offer. If you are more of a night owl and you feel more inspired to explore the city in the dark, we have prepared a list of things to do in San Francisco at night.

a girl holding a map
Relax a bit by making a list of what you want to see when you move to San Francisco

Prepare for adventures

If you are about to move to San Francisco, you can use a little bit of spare time to research interesting things to see when you get there. But first, get your planning hat on and prepare yourself for the move, as it is one of the most stressful events ever. Check moving companies San Francisco Bay area and let the professionals take care of your relocation. In the meantime, relax by planning what you want to see when you are finally settled down.

Things to do in San Francisco at night

There is so much more to do than clubbing in San Francisco. There’s literally something for anyone. No matter what you love doing in your free time, are you a bit geeky, a foodie, or an artistic soul, you will find something to enjoy in San Francisco.

For the comedy lovers

It’s not a secret that San Francisco has a huge love for comedy. There are smaller and bigger comedy bars everywhere. Our suggestion is a bit more 2-in-1 experience. The official San Francisco comedy tour offers you a night tour of the city accompanied by comedians on board. You can see the beautiful night scenery of San Francisco, and have a good healthy laugh at the same time. Make sure you get some warmer clothes or even a blanket to go, as the nights can get a bit chilly.

For all fans of creepy things and horror movies

This is a dream come true for all fans of thrillers, creepy stories, and horror movies. One of the best things to do in San Francisco at night is to visit Alkatraz. Yes, you’ve read correctly, the Alcatraz. This notorious former prison is located on an island near San Francisco, so get yourself ready for a ferry ride. You can experience firsthand the creepiness of the place which is mostly known for being a federal prison from 1930 to 1960. The day tour is also available, but the night one offers access to some things which aren’t open during the day. If you like having a good night of history and a bit of a scary time, this is definitely for you.

Fun fact: The infamous Al Capone was imprisoned in Alkatraz.

Not-so-ordinary movie night

This is a treat for all of you who are in love with movies and movie soundtracks. The San Francisco Symphony hosts movie nights with live music playing in the background. Typical movie picks are of course blockbusters with famous and quite often awarded soundtracks. This type of movie night is happening once or twice a month, so make sure you get your tickets on time if you are interested. Some of the movies that were played are Harry Potter, The Star Wars, and James Bond.

man gets food from the food truck
Having a nice bite from the food truck is one of the best things to do in San Francisco at night

Budget-friendly fun

The best things to do in San Francisco at night don’t have to cost a lot of money. If your budget got a bit smaller due to the moving costs San Francisco, you can explore the town without spending a dollar. You can go on a scavenger hunt. It is fun, it’s also a great way to get to know the city, and all you need is your smartphone to guide you and a trusty pair of walking shoes. Invite someone to keep you company if you want, or go alone, it’s up to you.

Go on a romantic dinner cruise

This one is for all the romantic souls out there. Take your significant other, your best friend, or yourself on a beautiful dinner cruise around the Bay. Nice food, city lights, and music sound like a perfect combination. Don’t forget to dress to impress, but also stay warm.

Bonus adventures

  • One of the things to do in San Francisco at night is to enjoy a good bite. Try new dishes at the weekly food truck event called Off The Grid. You can enjoy delicious and affordable food every Friday night at Fort Mason during the warmer months.
  • Visit a museum that works during the night
  • See a show at the gorgeous Orpheum Theatre
  • Rock the night in the famous Hard Rock cafe
  • Stop stressing about your move and trying to figure ways to move your heavy couch. Look for furniture movers San Francisco and imagine yourself sipping cocktails when everything is done. San Francisco has a variety of themed cocktail bars so you can choose whatever aesthetic you prefer. From bars styled as speakeasies from the Roaring Twenties to tiki bars that give exotic island vibes, San Francisco has it all.
Having colorful cocktail drinks like these is one of the funnest things to do in San Francisco at night
San Francisco is known for having numerous themed cocktail bars

To conclude

These are just a few interesting things to do in San Francisco at night. You can search the internet to find more amazing things to do when you are settled down in San Francisco. Depending on your taste, you can have fun by making a to-do list of things you want to do or see when you move. This way you will have something else to think about other than the relocation itself. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, probably the best option is to look for packing services San Francisco. Leave the hard work to the professionals, grab a cup of coffee or tea and start planning adventures in your soon-to-be home. Don’t forget to bring soft, warm clothes for chilly San Francisco nights.