Top tips for handling bulky items when moving house to San Francisco

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When you move to a new San Francisco home, it is only logical to want your relocation to be seamless. Moving is something that people often associate with stress and anxiety, but that doesn’t have to be the case with you. Moving companies San Francisco residents have at their disposal are experts in making the relocation process easy and enjoyable. However, if you are packing on your own, you will need some help. There are many items in every household that are large and heavy. Such objects are a nightmare when you relocate. But, don’t worry, we are here to help! We are bringing you the best tips for handling bulky items when moving house to San Francisco.

Handling bulky items when moving house to San Francisco doesn’t have to be hard

If you are worried about handling all the large items you have in your home, we are here to offer some comfort. Although it is much easier to hire movers South San Francisco offers, it’s not impossible to do it on your own. All you need is good will and a few simple tips. Here is what you’ll need to successfully move bulky items you have in your home:

  • some help from friends and family
  • to learn how to dismantle your furniture
  • some equipment to make the process of moving heavy items easier
  • to learn proper lifting techniques
  • and lastly, consider hiring professionals
green couch
With our tips, you will know all the best ways of handling bulky furniture when moving house to San Francisco.

Ask friends and family for help

If you decided you can’t fit hiring local movers San Francisco offers into your budget, you can DIY move. You can’t handle large pieces of furniture or cupboards on your own, so make sure you enlist some help. Asking friends and family for moving help is not easy, since you know no one’s idea of fun is to spend a day carrying heavy boxes. However, you also know they will be there for you. Just avoid asking anyone for help last minute. Call your friends at least two weeks before your moving day, and check if they’re available. That way, if someone can’t make it, you will know in advance and be able to ask someone else. Don’t forget to provide protective equipment for your friends, as well as snacks and drinks. You don’t want to be hungry or thirsty when carrying around heavy furniture all day.

Learn how to dismantle your furniture

Packing and carrying heavy pieces of furniture, appliances, or kitchen cupboards seems like a daunting task. However, if you disassemble large items, they become much easier to handle and move. Of course, you can’t dismantle your fridge, nor should you try. But, taking apart your bed frame, cupboards or drawers will make them smaller, lighter, and simpler to pack for a relocation. Just remember, you have to re-assemble everything after the move. Keep all the screws and bolts in a ziplock bag, ideally taped to one of the pieces of the item they belong to. That way, you will not have to spend hours (or worse, days) trying to find the missing piece you need to put your bed frame back together after the move.

Get the equipment you need to make handling bulky items when moving house to San Francisco easier

Moving heavy and bulky items is easier with the right equipment. That is a hack well known to all commercial movers San Francisco has at its disposal. With the right tools, even the heaviest couch becomes as light as a feather (well, almost). Here are some things you will find useful when moving heavy furniture and other bulky household items:

  • a dolly for your furniture and appliances
  • furniture straps- to lift and carry heavy furniture with ease
  • furniture sliders or moving blankets- to slide under heavy pieces of furniture such as the wardrobe
large wooden furniture
Lifting heavy and bulky pieces of furniture in your home will be easier with the right equipment.

These are the basics that everyone needs for easier relocation. Furniture straps will make carrying heavy appliances or furniture much easier. A dolly is a savior for your arms and back, you won’t even feel the weight of a heavy item if you transport it on a dolly. Moving blankets might seem unnecessary, but they are usually very affordable and their uses in everyday life are versatile. They are not a thing you will never need again after you move to San Francisco. You can use them as sliders when you move furniture, or when you decide to re-arrange it in your new home, as well as for protection by wrapping your drawers or nightstands in the blankets on moving day.

Learn proper lifting techniques

The most important tip when it comes to handling heavy items when relocating to a new San Francisco home is to learn proper lifting techniques. Moving day injuries are most likely to occur due to improper lifting of heavy furniture or appliances. Take care of your back by lifting everything with bent knees, not your waist. You should also carry anything heavy as close to your body as you can, as opposed to extending your arms far away from your body. By keeping the item close, you decrease the pressure on your shoulders. Another important thing to remember is to never (!) twist your body while you’re carrying heavy items.

woman with back pain
Preventing injuries is essential when you are moving your furniture without professional help.

Hire professionals to handle the bulky items when you move to San Francisco

Of course, your safest bet when it comes to handling heavy and bulky household items is to hire professionals. Movers know the proper lifting techniques and have the necessary equipment to move even the heaviest items like pianos or hot tubs with ease. Having expert assistance by your side is the best investment you can make when moving house to San Francisco.

What’s left after handling bulky items when moving house to San Francisco? Enjoying San Francisco, of course!

Home to over 800, 000 people, San Francisco surely has lots to offer. It’s known for its unparalleled food scene, cultural diversity, and beautiful weather. Once you learn the best tips on handling bulky items when moving house to San Francisco, your next step should be to explore everything you want to see after the move. The beautiful, mild weather will give you tons of opportunities to enjoy the many gorgeous parks that the city offers. Whether you are into sports, theatre, or anything else, you will find it and enjoy it in San Francisco. Welcome!