Where Do People Leaving San Francisco Often Move To?

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    San Francisco is a very unique and picturesque city and a popular tourist destination. With a population of under 1 million inhabitants, one can say it is not even overcrowded. It is full of beautiful historic sites and boasts a magnificent coastline. However, in spite of the many perks this place offers, people constantly migrate to other towns and countries. People leaving San Francisco often move to a variety of places. The best movers San Francisco bay area has will discover which those places are.

    Where do people leaving San Francisco often move to?

    When you are relocating, the first thing to think about is where to move. Once you have made this decision, you can hire one of the top furniture movers San Francisco to assist you with relocation. They can help you pack and transport your boxes to your new place of residence. Some of the most common places people leaving San Francisco move to are as follows:

    • San Jose, CA
    • Sacramento
    • Los Angeles
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    San Jose, CA

    Just an hour’s drive from SF, there is a beautiful San Jose valley, lying under the hills. It is a world-known technology hub and a center of Silicon Valley. The job opportunities are endless, especially in the tech industry. As a result of a wealthy population, the town boasts a pretty expensive housing market. San Jose is usually ranked as one of the safest large cities in the US, so moving here brings a really good quality of life. For any relocation concerns, residential movers San Francisco are at your disposal.


    Unlike San Jose, Sacramento boasts affordable housing options. This is one of the main reasons that prompt the residents of the San Francisco Bay area to move here. Sacramento is known as the city of trees which offers a great outdoor environment and numerous activities. The capital of California is home to a multitude of wineries and breweries, and it is famous for its beautiful weather. Research the best moving quotes San Francisco and prepare well for this relocation.

    The lovers of sports and mountains will enjoy living in this city. With around half a million residents and a thriving job market, Sacramento is an ideal place to move to after leaving San Francisco. With reliable movers San Mateo helping you with your relocation, the process of settling in will be fast and smooth.

    sunset i LA
    Many people move to LA from SF

    Los Angeles

    Every year around 3,000 people from San Francisco move to Los Angeles. The city of endless opportunities that lies in a gigantic valley is certainly one of the most popular cities in the world. Check your job and housing options in LA before hiring movers Redwood City.

    People leaving San Francisco often move to Los Angeles for a number of reasons. Diversity, film and music industry, hectic beaches, and laid-back Californian lifestyle make this city unique. Both cities are very unique yet very different from one another, but they both guarantee a good quality of life.