How to decorate your CA home for Christmas

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Do you need some ideas to decorate your CA home for Christmas? Picking a favorite bit about celebrating Christmas is quite a hard task, considering many answers that lay ahead. From tasty festive spreads to exchanging presents and watching your loved ones beam with excitement, there are many reasons to love this holiday. The prospect of decorating a home in festive ornaments and beautiful lights never fails to get any holiday spirit raging!

Almost any place turns into a winter paradise as soon as Christmas comes knocking on the door. Lush green and red wreaths draped twinkling lights, and warm candles everywhere, whoever said magic doesn’t exist, never tried to get into Christmas decor. But we won’t let that happen to you! We, at Zapt Movers are gonna help you turn your house into a gorgeous Christmas-themed abode! Here are some easy tips you can use to decorate your CA home for Christmas.

Living Room

Your living room is the center of the action most of the time, as this is where you will spend most of your time and entertain your guests. It’s no surprise that all attention is focused on our living rooms when it comes to Christmas decorations. The main point here is going to be your tree. You might get an artificial one or a real one but you need to make sure you choose the right size for your room. Choose your decoration here to follow the color scheme that you have set for the entire house!

Christmas living room
You should choose a color scheme you want for your living room and then follow it through the entire house.

Decorate Your Windows and Shelves

These are forgotten most of the time, but actually adding decorations to the windows can create a beautiful and magic atmosphere. You can add stencils, lights or if your window is really wide, you can add some nice candles as well. You can also add some stripes of different lengths with colors that match your interior decoration! If you have a bookcase or shelving, you can use them to add some decorations or hanging stripes with Christmas ornaments. These can be made very easily as well if you have some decorations left from your tree.

Creating the Atmosphere

You can use soft furnishings to create the mood. Actually, adding some pillows with the Christmas color scheme that you have decided can immediately set the atmosphere. For instance, you can go for the red and gold combination, or you can opt for a silver mood or a white and frosty one! It is all up to you.

Decorated Christmas Living in a CA home
It’s important to set a nice Christmas atmosphere.

If you like to use natural elements for your decorations, there are lots of choices. You can use pine cones that you can find everywhere – in the woods, in the park, or maybe even in your own garden. Or you can use dried fruit, acorns, and nuts.
Candles are also a very good way to add color, atmosphere, and smell with a typical Christmas fragrance. You can use an essential oils diffuser as well. Then, you can buy a set of oils that have a specific Christmas scent.

Don’t forget your other rooms!

The dining room and the kitchen are other important rooms you should decorate. If you’re gonna host dinner parties, then your table is going to be the main focal point. You can enhance your table by adding a nice Christmas centerpiece that you can make with many different elements. You can add pines, season flowers, candles, and lights too. This is going to give a nice welcome to your guests when they sit down. Napkins and tablecloths are awesome ways to decorate your kitchen. If you want, you can also put a wreath in some of the kitchen units. You can also get your kids to help you with decorating. They can do their rooms and use their creativity in there. Most of the kids do their Christmas decorations at school. This way, they will be able to display their work and it will make them proud for being a part of the Christmas “process”. And by the way, you can decorate your bedroom as well!

Christmas tree in the kitchen
When decorating your CA home for Christmas, you should decorate your other rooms too.

Furniture movers San Francisco recommend you to decorate your outdoors and entrances as well. This is the first thing that people are going to see when visiting you. Simple things like Christmas wreaths and external lighting will get the job done. You can follow the same color scheme of your interior to give a sense of consistency. You can use your stairs too. In the evening, this will create a fantastic mood and give the impression that the decorations are continuing upstairs.


There are plants we only see during Christmas time like the poinsettia. These are beautiful to give color and add a touch of nature. You can have them in white, red or soft pink, this way you can adapt it to your color scheme. You can also use the Holly or other plants that come from the Aquifoliaceae family to create beautiful compositions, winter white Amaryllis and Winter Azalea, there are many choices.

Sound and Touch

For anyone who grew up going to the Nutcracker ballet productions during Christmas, the soundtrack is synonymous and wakes up many dear memories. Classic tunes and jazz renditions are also a universal favorite. And for something more modern, lots of current pop artists are recording holiday songs, so it’s easy to find music for everyone who joins you for holiday celebrations. Filling your home with Christmas sounds is one way to get guests to come back year after year.
You can create a warm, cozy environment to encourage family and friends to linger, relax and reminisce about past celebrations. Christmas-themed cushions in soft fabrics encourage snuggling sessions in living rooms and family rooms. Use large solid-colored pillows as a background for smaller decorative pillows on sofas and chairs. Thick throw blankets in greens, deep reds, and creams work too. You can mix and match in appropriate patterns and colors to follow the scheme.

How to decorate your CA home for Christmas: The Conclusion

We hope you liked these tips on how to decorate your CA home for Christmas. However, if you plan on traveling or moving anytime soon, check out packing services San Francisco. They can help you pack your Christmas decoration in no time, and they offer packing services at a fair price.